Monday, December 24, 2007

Seven Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe

ok, so I totally stole this off of, but it is pretty cool...I totally knew the last one b/c I do it all the time...hahahah

Reading in dim light won't damage your eyes, you don't need eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy and shaving your legs won't make the hair grow back faster.

These well-worn theories are among seven "medical myths" exposed in a paper published in the British Medical Journal, which traditionally carries light-hearted features in its Christmas edition.

The research was conducted by Aaron Carroll, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Regenstrief Institute, Indianapolis, and Rachel Vreeman, fellow in children's health services research at Indiana University School of Medicine.

They took seven common beliefs and searched the archives for evidence to support them.

Despite frequent mentions in the popular press of the need to drink eight glasses of water, they found no scientific basis for the claim.

The complete lack of evidence has been recorded in a study published the American Journal of Psychology, they said.

The other six "myths" are:

Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight

The majority of eye experts believed it was unlikely to do any permanent damage, but it might make you squint, blink more and have trouble focusing, the researchers said.

Shaving makes hair grow back faster or coarser

It has no effect on the thickness or rate of hair regrowth, studies say. But stubble lacks the finer taper of unshaven hair, giving the impression of coarseness.

Eating turkey makes you drowsy

It does contain an amino acid called tryptophan that is involved in sleep and mood control.

But turkey has no more of the acid than chicken or minced beef. Eating lots of food and drink at Christmas are probably the real cause of sleepiness.

We use only 10 percent of our brains

This myth arose as early as 1907 but imaging shows no area of the brain is silent or completely inactive.

Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death

This idea may stem from ghoulish novels. The researchers said the skin dries out and retracts after death, giving the appearance of longer hair or nails.

Cell phones are dangerous in hospitals

Despite widespread concerns, studies have found minimal interference with medical equipment.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Duke Nukem Forever

So, I've waited years for this! The only video game I have ever really loved may be coming out with a sequel, finally...7 years after it was announced...awesome! heh heh

Sunday, December 16, 2007

the iPhone

People keep asking me if/when I'm going to get an iPhone and they are shocked when I tell them I don't plan on it. As for me and my company, we've been using BlackBerry's for a while and love them! We never have problems with them and they work flawlessly. I found this article from CIO mag, which sums up a lot of the reasons why I don't want an iPhone...especially the lack of keyboard part.

It's really funny to watch someone use an iPhone to try to type stuff and have to keep retyping over and over. Recently a friend of mine and I decided to enter the same data into our calendar and txt a message to each other. Using my BlackBerry, not only did I get the calendar entry in first, but also sent them my txt before their calendar entry was finished...

Vanity is expensive... hahahah

The following article is republished from For more of’s iPhone coverage, click here.

The Apple iPhone took the consumer mobile space by storm when it was released last June and quickly became one of the most popular smartphones available. Since then, business users who’ve purchased the device for their personal use have been requesting that their corporate IT departments support it.

Whether the iPhone proves to be a valuable business tool or a non-issue for CIOs remains to be seen, but a new report from Forrester Research suggests that the iPhone may never get a chance to succeed in business. Forrester says IT departments should refuse to support the devices—at least for now—for the following 10 reasons.

1) The iPhone Doesn’t Allow Data on the Device to be Encrypted

There’s currently no way for enterprises to secure sensitive data on iPhones through file or disk encryption, according to Forrester. There’s also no way for IT to enforce password policies since the decision to use a password (and when to change it) is up to the user.

2) The iPhone Does Not Natively Support “Push” Corporate E-mail or Wireless Calendar Syncing

Push e-mail (e-mail that is delivered to handhelds immediately upon receipt in a user’s mailbox) is an essential feature for a business device because of the productivity such a feature enables, according to Forrester. If users need to physically retrieve messages—as opposed to having those messages pushed directly to them—they won’t get them as quickly as possible and they’ll waste time in the process. The iPhone can sync with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes over IMAP and SMTP, Forrester says, but IT infrastructure must be tweaked accordingly or a separate gateway product must be purchased and even then mail is delivered only every 15 minutes.

Apple’s device also doesn’t wirelessly sync with PCs, which means users must have access to the company’s proprietary USB sync cable to retrieve calendar updates or contact changes, according to Forrester. If a meeting plan or location has been changed at the last minute, an iPhone user on the go could easily not get the notification in time.

3) The iPhone Does Not Run Third-Party Applications Without Voiding Its Warranty

Though Apple has promised a software development kit (SDK) for the iPhone so that external developers and businesses can create their own applications to run on the device, the iPhone does not currently support such applications—unless certain device components are hacked, which voids the phone’s warranty. Companies that deploy, for example, sales force automation apps on mobile devices won’t be able to port those applications to the iPhone until this issue is resolved.

4) The iPhone Cannot be Locked or Wiped Remotely

Forrester says the single most important feature of mobile device management offerings is remote lock and data wipe functionality, both of which the iPhone lacks. Apple doesn’t currently offer any mobile device management software that’s anything like the many offerings available for BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile or Symbian devices. Forrester doesn’t anticipate any vendors offering such a product before mid-to-late 2008.

5) The iPhone Lacks a Physical Keyboard

The iPhone’s touch screen interface and virtual keyboard may be cool, but it is not ideal for power users who e-mail and text message very frequently. The problem with the touch screen is that it doesn’t provide tactile feedback, which makes it difficult to type without paying attention to every single key you hit. The faster you can type, the faster your messages get sent out and the more work you can do in a shorter amount of time. That’s not necessarily the case with the iPhone.

6) The iPhone Only Functions in Very Specific Geographic Locations and It’s Locked Into Carriers

The iPhone is currently only available through exclusive carriers in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, and it’s locked to those specific carriers. That means that business users who travel internationally can’t use iPhones in any other countries, even if those countries offer networks that are technologically compatible.

7) The iPhone is (Very) Expensive

The iPhone sells for double what the average BlackBerry or Treo costs. At $400, plus voice and data charges, Apple’s smartphone is one of the priciest such devices on the market, even after a $200 price cut last fall. Corporations seeking mobile devices often consider price a selling point, especially since many device makers or carriers offer business discounts and service plans. Apple and AT&T, the exclusive U.S. carrier, don’t offer any such discounts for business use.

8) The iPhone Is a First-Generation Device

No mobile device is perfect when it’s initially released. In order for handset makers to refine their products, they often rely on their masses of users to highlight their weaknesses. Some of the iPhone’s weaknesses are, according to Forrester:
# It can be difficult to activate quickly.
# Battery life is weak/short.
# Sound quality is less than impressive.
# It’s currently only a 2.5 generation device, which means that data transfer speeds aren’t as fast as they could be.

The next iteration of the iPhone will likely address these issues. In fact, AT&T’s CEO recently said a 3G iPhone is due in 2008.

9) Apple Doesn’t Offer Replacement Batteries for the iPhone

Apple doesn’t currently offer battery replacements for the iPhone, so users cannot carry backups to ensure that they never lose power. Forrester says that third-party vendors will likely begin to offer replacements in the near future, but because the device needs to be disassembled in order to remove a battery and insert another, the replacement process may not be simple enough for less tech-savvy users.

10) There’s No Proof That iPhones Are Suitable Business Devices

The only large enterprise that is known to fully support iPhones is—surprise, surprise—Apple, according to Forrester. And it hasn’t published any case studies or other support materials. Enterprises often make mobile device purchasing decisions based on the experience of their peers or industry analysts’ recommendations, but with such information lacking about the iPhone, Forrester says it won’t likely be making its way into many businesses anytime soon.

Additional information on Forrester’s The iPhone is Not Meant for Enterprises report is available on the company’s website.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

dinosaur jr

for those of you who weren't able to enjoy the is a sampling of what it was like. This wasn't the one I was at but it sounds and feels the same. ;) You just have to get past the initial interview part...

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the biz

OK, so I'm back in the "beat box" phase, but more particularly back to the roots... here is the man, biz markie, from i don't know when, but I love it...especially when he goes into "la de dah de, we like to party..." awesome!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Riding bikes and previewing BMW's

OK - so yesterday was a blast. Me and some friends (JT, Trigg, Beck & Silas) went for a bike ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway (I believe some pics will be on Facebook soon). We went from 4000ish feet up to 6000 feet in a 20 mile ride and then 20 back. It was awesome! Best bike ride I've ever done (given I've only done like 5 since I've had my bike...hahaha). But I'm going to tell you what really made the day...

BMW. Yep, they were out test-driving a new model on the Parkway yesterday - and do they look cool! I'm ready to trade my FJ in on one now. Too bad it'll be a couple years before they're out. They were all taped up like in the magazines and they were only driving black and dark gray ones. I even got to talk to one of the guys for a little bit (helped me brush up on my German, he wouldn't talk to me in English). Super fun. He wouldn't tell me the model name/number, but it was funny because he was so startled by the fact that I spoke German his demeanor changed immediately. It cracked me I think it did some of the guys riding bikes.

Oh well, look for a super cool BMW car/SUV thing with a steep sloped back/hatch, coming soon to a road near you!. ;) heh heh

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Breaking Records...

ok - so people have been asking me..."Hey I heard you broke some Guinness World Records. Is it true? What were they?" etc etc etc

Well, I'm here to set the record straight (JT, you can't roll your eyes until the end...ok?) about the records for all of you to enjoy.

First, let's list them:

1. Blowing the most bubbles at one time.
2. Throwing the most Frisbees at one time.
3. Breaking the most bubbles with the most Frisbees at one time.
4. Breaking the most records at one time.

Wow! You are saying to yourself...That's amazing! Is all that really possible?

Well, yes. It is. With the help of 12,000 people at a little shindig called Catalyst in Atlanta GA. Every year at this conference they set out to break some world record. Year's past have been largest pillow fight and most whoopee cushions going off at once. Now this is a leadership conference (which is pretty amazing, btw) that you should look into attending with lots of value. But I was completely fascinated with the records breaking...such a super cool concept for a conference.

Anyway, I thought it was cool and I'd just share since people are asking about it...

And JT, fyi...breaking the most records at once was 45's (old school music). Have you ever even seen one of those? I had to break a classic Kenny Rogers tune in half...I almost cried.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

FedEx. When it positively, absolutely has to get there NEVER!

I am so ticked at FedEx right now. THEY SUCK. We were supposed to get a package today for the office that was a pretty big deal and as of 5:05p EDT we still don't have it. Well, track it, you say. Heh, we did. And guess what? It was supposed to be here at noon. Driver put, could not locate address. Talk about an idiot. We are only the biggest building in the whole freakin' area we are in. I mean, did they not even come here to see? It's not like they couldn't find us...if they just pulled their head out of their a$$. Oh and yeah, they've delivered stuff here before. Oh and yeah, we even have a corp account with them. Idiots. And I called in to complain and find out where our shipment was...I got a call back saying the driver looked for us and couldn't find us... the conversation went a bit like this (only slightly exaggerated)...

"Hello, Thank you for calling FedEx. My name is Stupid, how can I help you?"

"Um, yeah, hi. I was wondering about a shipment we were supposed to get today. I tracked it online and it was supposed to be here but shows it wasn't delivered due to 'sheer stupidity'. I was wondering what that was all about."

"Oh. Yes, sir, I'm sorry sir... 'sheer stupidity' refers to the fact that we hire incompetent people who can't tell their right from their left. Or their head from their a$$ for that matter. Would you like me to help you solve the problem?"

"Hmmm. ok. I hadn't seen that reason on the site before, that must be a new one...I mean we do ship and receive 100's of boxes a month with you guys. But, yes, I'd love for you to help me."

"OK sir. One moment please. [click, click, click] Ahhh, yes. I see the problem here sir. It seems the driver says your building doesn't exist. Ummm, yes...let's see...driver's comments are 'simply vanished out of thin air while I was smoking crack on my mandated 15 minute crack break.' Sir, it seems that your building doesn't exist anymore. Is that right?"

"No, I'm sorry, but that's not correct. As a matter of fact, I am sitting in my office on the phone with you right now. And there wasn't a problem in getting a package out Friday that we sent. Picked right up, just fine."

"OK sir. I see this is a slight problem. And you're sure your building hasn't vanished into thin air? Am I right in that assessment?"

"Yes you are."

"OK then, let me attempt to call the driver and see what they have to say about this."

"Ummmm. OK? Are you going to call me back?"

"Yes sir. I will call you back once I speak to the driver and inform them that your building has not vanished into thin air...or rather that it has reappeared."



20 minutes later...



"Yes. Hi, this is Stupid from FedEx. I just spoke to the driver about your delivery and they insist that your building doesn't exist anymore."

"Whiskey Foxtrot Tango! What are you talking about?"

"Well, sir, it seems you are calling from an imaginary location that only exists in your (and and all your employee's) imagination."


"Yes, sir, I know that can come as quite a shock to you as you may live in a bubble, but our world doesn't acknowledge your existence anymore."

"You're kidding, right?"

"No sir. I wish I were. This happens quite frequently since our 15 minute mandated crack breaks were instituted. However, we can work miracles here at FedEx, just as sure as my name is Stupid!"


"Yes, sir. I can make your building reappear in the mind of our driver so that they can 'enter' your world and bring you a box. How does that sound? Aren't I wonderful?"


"OK. We're so glad you chose to use FedEx. We know you could pick from any other carrier out there who is superior and we are humbled by your choice. Your package will either be delivered by 7pm tonight or first thing in the morning. Is that alright?"

"Well, no, quite frankly it's not. It's cost me a lot of money waiting for this thing today to get to a client. I need it by 7pm."

"Alright sir. I'm glad I could help..."

"'re not helping. You're just..."

"Yes, sir. Since I've helped you, would you like to take a customer satisfaction survey to tell my bosses how freakin' awesome I am?"

"No. Because you're not. I just want my box."

"Yes, sir...I know. I know. You'll get it soon. If it turns out that you won't we will call you back and let you know. Thank you for using FedEx. Goodbye."


Yep, convo over. Anyway, I urge you to start using DHL or UPS from now on. ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

i just think these are funny...

some of my favorite funny quotes. Just thought I'd share.

I think the worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades...or a game of fake heart attack.
-- Demetri Martin

Ah, the patter of little feet around the house. There's nothing like having a midget for a butler.
-- WC Fields

Yes, madam, I am drunk. But in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.
-- Winston Churchill (replying to Lady Astor's comment 'Sir, you're drunk!')

I told my wife the truth. I told her I was seeing a psychiatrist. Then she told me the truth: that she was seeing a psychiatrist, two plumbers, and a bartender.
-- Rodney Dangerfield

My experience has taught me that a man who has no vices has damned few virtues.
-- Abraham Lincoln

Boy, those French, they have a different word for everything!
-- Steve Martin

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.
-- Yogi Berra

While playing golf today I hit two good balls. I stepped on a rake.
-- Henry Youngman

I frankly felt like the reception we received on the way in from the airport was very warm and hospitable. And I want to thank the Canadian people who came out to wave -- with all five fingers -- for their hospitality.
-- George W. Bush

People tell me that Senator Edwards got picked for his good looks, his sex appeal, and his great hair. I say to them, 'How do you think I got the job?
-- Dick Cheney

I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer.
-- Douglas Adams

I can resist everything except temptation.
-- Oscar Wilde

Friday, September 14, 2007

goodbye MX days...

ok - so the picture is a little blurry, but I had to post it for good times sake. This bike has been through a lot and was (really still is) super fast and could jump super high...but alas, I sold it last night. At least my cousin bought it so if I ever want it back I can probably get it easily...hahahaha. I doubt I will though. Anyway, time to shop for a new one....hahahahaha - jk.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

i was right...

well, i hate to say i told you so, but...

when i wrote about the iPhone dropping in price $200 for waiting another month...I had no idea it would actually come true. now I'm going to let you in on the fact that if you send me $5 you will indeed become a millionaire. Yes, that's right. Send me $5 and you will amass a fortune of Biblical proportions...


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nod Your Head...

I think I'll shake mine side to side instead. Just when I thought there are enough musicians out there who suck, it's finally time to add Paul McCartney to the list. One who I once thought to be officially sucks. I wondered when I heard his new cd, which pretty much sucked except for the last song...but now I know he's gone...juice all used up. This stupid 'Nod Your Head' song sucks...and the video is worse. I mean, I could've easily written this song...and made the video at home. In fact I did make one like it about 10 years ago. Homemade. Looks he might have stolen some of it and used it...anyway... /barf/


/delete "Nod Your Head"
/delete "Nod Your Head video"

mmmmm....I feel much better now.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

talk like a pirate day

So, I just found out that Sept. 19th is International "Talk like a Pirate" day. Well, that's pretty darn cool. However, most people just aren't cool enough to be able to talk like a much as you don't want to believe it, it is true. SO...being the cool guy that I am, I am here to give you a little help on talking like a pirate, so when Sept 19th rolls around, you won't look like an idiot trying to talk like a pirate but sounding like crocodile dundee (if you even know who that is...).

Let's begin.

1 - This site gives you some basics on talking like a pirate along with some pickup lines and even so pirate speak in other languages...

2 - This site (my fav) not only provides an "English to Pirate" Translator, but if you have OSX, you can download the widget and always have it with me. ;) heh heh


So, I jus' found out that Sept. 19th be International "Talk like a Pirate" day. Well, that's pretty darn cool. However, most scallywags jus' aren't cool enough t' be able t' natter like a much as ye don't wants t' believe it, 'tis true. SO...bein' th' cool scallywag that I be, I be here t' give ye a little help on natterin' like a pirate, so when Sept 19th furls around, ye won't look like an idiot tryin' t' natter like a pirate but soundin' like crocodile dundee (if ye even know who that be...).

Let's begin.

1 - This site gives ye some basics on natterin' like a pirate along wit' some pickup lines 'n even so pirate speak in other languages...

2 - This site (me fav) nah only provides an "English t' Pirate" Translator, but if ye 'ave OSX, ye can loot th' widget 'n always 'ave it wit' me. ;) heh heh

OK - so I hope ye've got a month t' get t' it.

See how fun?

Friday, August 24, 2007

you get to see it first...

new promo teaser for a regional sized airport...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

my ears are abot to fall off...

so ryan seacrest played britney spear's new single today. Well, I listened and almost died. It sucks.

i had no idea...

So I just saw where Apple is selling refurbished iPhones. So that makes me think about a couple of things...

A - Out of the phones they sold, were there really that many that were bad that needed to be fixed? I wonder if the smudges are off the screens...

B - If you could wait a month you save $100 off an iPhone. If you wait another month will it be $200 off?

C - Will Apple come out with an upgrade or new version later this year or early next year?

Oh well, I don't have one and until they get on Verizon's network I won't get one. I'm so stubborn...Year's ago I swore off BellSouth, which became Cingular, which became AT&T. They made me so mad on a billing issue I dropped them cold Turkey. Of course I swore off SprintPCS as well (I used them for 6 months, no coverage), which means I won't ever use Nextel. Everyone knows they suck anyway. What else have I swore off? hmmmm. I swore off Honda. My Passport was a piece of junk and I got rid of it swearing off Honda's to never buy one again. And I won't. I swore off Microsoft Windows after using a Mac. Once you go Mac, you never go back. I do feel very sorry for those of you out there who still have to use a Microsoft OS. Bummer. Go to an Apple store, play around, you'll see what I mean... I swore off Schwinn. Their bikes suck. Wow...that was back in the 8th grade too. Oh well, not missed them. Gosh I could go on and on...but I won't bore you.

Now that I think of it...I did have a Honda after I swore them off...however it was given to me, but it was a fine car, a Prelude. I do have a Windows PC at home still, even though that's on my list. But I didn't buy it. I guess I would use an iPhone if somebody paid for the service for me...

any takers? I'll call you on it... heh

Monday, August 20, 2007

thank you!

Thanks to all of you who have wished me a happy birthday! Much appreciated. If you hadn't noticed, check out 2nd's blog for pics etc of the race this past sat. Got another one we're doing this sat which should be super fun... wish us luck!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Home Depot Sucks...

yes, you read right. The Home Depot sucks. So, i kinda knew nobody really shopped there and i had heard rumors that their customer service was awful, but i didn't believe it. Until today. I had to get some extra keys made for our rental house so the girls could get in since I changed the locks. Well, I went to home depot thinking it would be quicker than Lowe's since the parking lot is always empty. I found out why it's always empty. In order to have 6 keys made, I waited at the key making kiosk for 10 minutes, then went to customer service who said they'd page someone. Waited another 10 minutes, never heard the page. Went back to the desk. They forgot to page. They then paged, waited 5 minutes after that...still no one. So i went across the street to Lowe's, went inside and up to their key making kiosk. waited 2 minutes (1 person was in front of me), got my six keys made and was out the door in a total of 6 minutes.

I will never go to The Home Depot again.

Lowe's Rules.

Yes, you can quote me on that.

Monday, August 13, 2007

absoulely amazing

this video is awesome. i don't care who you are or what you think. this video is amazing, and the words couldn't ring truer.

Friday, August 10, 2007

random stuff

i know i just posted the video below...and thanks sara, not kyle. heh. Anyway I was going through some pics on my phone and thought i should post them...

I had no idea this is what dallas theological seminary looked like.

heh - that's a joke, btw.

also, i decided to treat some people in the building to lunch today.

I took lee, kevin and jennifer to lunch at...the bank. ;) it was cust appreciation day with free hot dogs etc. too funny.

the vp called me and said, "it's free food day, bring some people and get them to get accounts with us. hahahaahah." so i did. ;) heh heh good times.

lots of people there, like a picnic. jennifer btw is lee's secret desire. oops i guess it's not so secret anymore. sorry lee. ;p hahahahahah plus i love the pic of kevin taking picture of me while i'm taking a picture of him taking a picture of me taking a picture of him...well you get the idea....

mac or pc?

thanks to kyle for sending me this...great.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

almost famous...

hahahaha - now this is funny. check it out. Look toward the middle right and watch the vids. I had no idea I made so many odd facial expressions when I talked... hahahahahah

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Communist China Taking Over the U.S.

Yes. I've had this theory for sometime now and have today decided to post it up on my blog for some of you to read. First, let me say that I love all people, regardless of color, race, religion etc. I am not picking just to be picking. In fact I have friends who are from China. So, with all that PC crap out of the way, I will indulge.

Not to even bother talking about the Crusades, etc. (which will never be over either), I want to pick up with the cold war. The Cold War is not over. It never will be. How Socialism and Communism are encroaching on our everyday life in the Sates, has been an interesting process to watch. I am in the process of putting all of this together in a book for you to enjoy...but until it is ready, I will take a break and talk about the secret Communist invasion that will develop through China. Or, our trading with China I should say. More specifically, Chinese food. Yes, Chinese food. I want to make a statement here and let you discuss, leave comments, etc.

1. The Communists and Socialists (like the militant Muslims are/will do) slip into the US, low-key, under radar and wait. For Years. The socialists and communists are just now becoming more wielding in power through the media, politics and other avenues. Even in business (yes I'm referring to that damned IKEA store -see previous post about ikea).

2. They remain unassuming, even apologetic for things. After several years of plotting and indoctrinating (even unassuming people who do not know better) they come out, slowly, with sugar coated plans (and food) and even those unassuming people (who would otherwise be against communism and socialism) are on the bandwagon.

3. People think nothing of conducting business with these people, the communists and socialists. Heck, some people will even work for them not knowing any better because they seem like such nice people. It doesn't just include buying goods, but also foods. People begin to frequent the restaurants that are run by communists and socialists.

4. In the stores, goods (which are normally crap - IKEA for example)are bought with lots of money by honest Americans and it is wasted due to the extremely high markups on foreign goods. Or should dare I say, goes to help fund communist and socialist agends without the honest Americans knowledge.

5. But, in the restaurants, yes, the restaurants, is where the greatest dilemma lies. Let's say a certain communist country provides all kinds of food to certain eating establishments in the US. And the food that is sent to these establishments is laced with something bad. Whatever you can think of. And that food is then prepared and served to millions of unassuming Americans over a given week. Then that country decides to pick up arms and invade (during that sick week of course). What would happen then? Would it be too late? Would we be able to recover as a nation? Hmmmm?

So all this came about because I once joked about ow China would take over the US through Chinese restaurants making everyone sick, then just walking around taking everything over. Just a little humor for you.

Or is it?,2933,292470,00.html

Saturday, August 04, 2007

wtf? how much more crap can be on TV?

so, I'm in dallas with some friends (pruitt's) and Steve and I are kinda excited about this new ABC show - Masters of Science Fiction. So, if you've heard of it, it's supposed to be the new Twilight Zone, or better actually, and is showcased with stars and a cool storyline etc. Well it sucks. And I don't mean, "yeah, I don't like it. It sucks." I mean "WTF? Who in the hell hired these people to write this show and why did ANYONE put it on the air?" That kind of sucks. The only action so far, within the first 40 minutes has been flashing lights. This doctor major whatever, has threatened to kill the LA LAW guy (i guess he's the president) two or three times, but doesn't do anything about it. And oh yeah, the whole earth is decimated. STUPID. The best thing I've seen so far on this show is the commercial for the new Pepsi energy ginseng drink. What a clever commercial to insert into the lineup. All the people in it were yawning, as was I, but not because of the commercial mind you, because of the show. This stupid, shouldn't be on TV, show.

I'm actually starting to miss "America's Funniest Home Videos". Well, at least there's like a gajillion channels to choose from so I don't have to watch this crap again.

ok - I gues that's enough for now, just had to get it out.

Friday, August 03, 2007


if you didn't see this last night... holy cow!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

old but funny

well since facebook is doing some upgrades, i figured a blog for a sec. heh heh so, i don't have much to say today except that this is one of the funniest videos i've seen. It's basically the highlight from the democrat/youtube debate...

Friday, July 27, 2007

George Patton speaks from his grave.

If you haven't seen this you need to.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

officially addicted...

ummm, both.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

at the beach

so, we're back & we had a great time...if you're not of facebook you probably haven't seen this vid of me enjoying what little water there is down here, so I figured, I'd put it on here for you to see... ;)


Friday, July 06, 2007

how cool is this?

just sent to me by a friend in NYC. very cool!

about time to vote...

so, i put this voting poll up here on my blog to keep track of who's ahead of who etc. Please feel free to vote on here. I'm curious as to how the blogosphere is thinking. And I'm not going to state how I voted so I don't sway any votes...hahahaha

Thursday, July 05, 2007

hmmm.....the title says it all.

So I see this today and just have to share it. Since I work in a village (and yes some refer to me as the village idiot...) and am familiar with gnomes I found this story humorous. It will only be a matter of time before our village is full of these gnomes and they become assault weapons everywhere...I would start a petition to ban them, but I think they need to get a bad name so the village I work in can be renamed and the gnomes can move on...because now the village name is stupid (and really always will be).

Police: Florida Man Assaults Brother With Garden Gnome

Thursday, July 05, 2007

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — A 26-year-old Florida man was arrested after allegedly hitting his brother with a garden gnome and a ladder during a fight, police said.

Johnathon Gesell, of Port St. Lucie, and his brother, James, began arguing Tuesday before Johnathon hit James in the back with the garden gnome, police reports said.

Johnathon Gesell then allegedly punched his brother's girlfriend in the face and smashed part of the rear tail light and quarter panel on his brother's truck with a baseball bat. He also allegedly hit his brother in the side with a ladder, according to the report.

Click here for's Crime center.

Johnathon Gesell faces charges including aggravated assault, criminal mischief and two counts of aggravated battery.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


you have to check this video out...

this is why i generally don't hunt lions...

Friday, June 29, 2007

no false advertising here...

ok, so i saw this in the grocery store. i guess pillsbury is still using the old size cans while trying to sell 33% more of their dough...

I think they would succeed more in that effort if they just made longer cans - hahahaha

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

back to something i love...

ok, well for the past 2 days I've taken a brief but needed break from work/life for an hour or so and hit the skatepark. Pretty fun. Not too bad for a 33 year old who hasn't ridden a park or anything really in quite a while. Cool thing is that a friend of mine (who i've known, but don't really know) went skating with me yesterday and he used to ride back in the day too. We've decided to at least try to go once a week if not more to the different parks around here to stay in shape and keep doing what we do. Skate. Anyway, here's some pics. And yes...i landed all of these, even the one-footer (which the pic doesn't do justice...). 1st pic-frontside over box hip. 2nd pic - nosegriding the bowl. 3rd pic-ollie over hip. 4th pic-coming down from frontside one-footer.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

facebook gifts

so, i'm thinking about facebook gifts. you pay $1 to send a gift to someone (i think some may be free) of a picture that is displayed on your home page to let other people know you're thinking of them or whatever. And, it's only $1. Sure you can spare a buck. There are lots of icons that can be gifts, but I went looking to see how many have "sold out". And when they are sold out, it is usually after they hit a million gifts sent. so far, facebook has 31 "sold out" gifts. So if my math and reasoning are right (which they're probably not, but it's interesting nonetheless...) facebook has acquired approximately $31M through this "gift" thing. Ok so let's just take out some for credit card processing fees, etc. and say they've acquired $30M. For nothing. Just something i've been thinking about. that's all. that's a lot of money. $1ea. for nothing. hmmmm....interesting.

Friday, June 22, 2007

my strengths...

Below are my top five themes of talent, ranked in the order revealed by my responses to the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

As you may know, the Clifton StrengthsFinder measures the 34 themes of talent determined by The Gallup Organization as those that most consistently predict outstanding performance. The greater the presence of a theme of talent within a person, the more likely that person is to spontaneously exhibit those talents in day-to-day behaviors.

Focusing on natural talents helps people build them into strengths and enjoy personal, academic, and career success through consistent, near-perfect performance.

How well do you think these themes describe me?


You are generous with praise, quick to smile, and always on the lookout for the positive in the situation. Some call you lighthearted. Others just wish that their glass were as full as yours seems to be. But either way, people want to be around you. Their world looks better around you because your enthusiasm is contagious. Lacking your energy and optimism, some find their world drab with repetition or, worse, heavy with pressure. You seem to find a way to lighten their spirit. You inject drama into every project. You celebrate every achievement. You find ways to make everything more exciting and more vital. Some cynics may reject your energy, but you are rarely dragged down. Your Positivity won’t allow it. Somehow you can’t quite escape your conviction that it is good to be alive, that work can be fun, and that no matter what the setbacks, one must never lose one’s sense of humor.


You can sense the emotions of those around you. You can feel what they are feeling as though their feelings are your own. Intuitively, you are able to see the world through their eyes and share their perspective. You do not necessarily agree with each person’s perspective. You do not necessarily feel pity for each person’s predicament—this would be sympathy, not Empathy. You do not necessarily condone the choices each person makes, but you do understand. This instinctive ability to understand is powerful. You hear the unvoiced questions. You anticipate the need. Where others grapple for words, you seem to find the right words and the right tone. You help people find the right phrases to express their feelings—to themselves as well as to others. You help them give voice to their emotional life. For all these reasons other people are drawn to you.


You live in the moment. You don’t see the future as a fixed destination. Instead, you see it as a place that you create out of the choices that you make right now. And so you discover your future one choice at a time. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have plans. You probably do. But this theme of Adaptability does enable you to respond willingly to the demands of the moment even if they pull you away from your plans. Unlike some, you don’t resent sudden requests or unforeseen detours. You expect them. They are inevitable. Indeed, on some level you actually look forward to them. You are, at heart, a very flexible person who can stay productive when the demands of work are pulling you in many different directions at once.


Woo stands for winning others over. You enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and getting them to like you. Strangers are rarely intimidating to you. On the contrary, strangers can be energizing. You are drawn to them. You want to learn their names, ask them questions, and find some area of common interest so that you can strike up a conversation and build rapport. Some people shy away from starting up conversations because they worry about running out of things to say. You don’t. Not only are you rarely at a loss for words; you actually enjoy initiating with strangers because you derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection. Once that connection is made, you are quite happy to wrap it up and move on. There are new people to meet, new rooms to work, new crowds to mingle in. In your world there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet—lots of them.


You see the potential in others. Very often, in fact, potential is all you see. In your view no individual is fully formed. On the contrary, each individual is a work in progress, alive with possibilities. And you are drawn toward people for this very reason. When you interact with others, your goal is to help them experience success. You look for ways to challenge them. You devise interesting experiences that can stretch them and help them grow. And all the while you are on the lookout for the signs of growth—a new behavior learned or modified, a slight improvement in a skill, a glimpse of excellence or of “flow” where previously there were only halting steps. For you these small increments—invisible to some—are clear signs of potential being realized. These signs of growth in others are your fuel. They bring you strength and satisfaction. Over time many will seek you out for help and encouragement because on some level they know that your helpfulness is both genuine and fulfilling to you.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

inspiration to do more...

a little story actually...

Mark Twain once described a man who died and met Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates. Knowing that St. Peter was very wise, the man asked a question that he had wondered about his entire life.
He said, "Saint Peter, I have been interested in military history for many years. Who was the greatest general of all time?"
Saint Peter quickly responded, "oh that's a simple question. It's that man right over there."
"You must be mistaken," responded the man, now very perplexed. "I knew that man on earth, and he was just a common laborer."
"That's right, my friend," assured Saint Peter. "He would have been the greatest general of all time, if he had been a general."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

this little piggy went wii wii wii all the way home

ok so most...well, maybe some of you know we've had the nintendo wii since before Christmas last year and have been playing the dickens out of it ever since and have more games for it than you one should have. and we, not wii, love it. But what is super new news, is that now (will know more after a meeting in the morning) we (work) may be involved in developing a new game for it. Super cool. I am so excited. I can't give much details right now, but it has more potential than the cell phone app we're developing. anyway, i'm pretty pumped about it and will know more after tomorrow. Wohoo! i'm sure i can get you copies...hahaha

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

facebook whore

yep...i put the word whore in the title. so what. anyway, that's what i've become over the past few days, a facebook whore (which, fyi, is better than a trend whore on a couple of different levels ~ i digress). guys here have started writing apps for facebook and i figured i ought to know more about it...hahaha. and i do now. and i actually like it. so, if you're on it, let me know and i'll be your friend. aaaawwwwwwww shucks. ;)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

i'm impressed...

Paul Pott's on Britain's Got Talent...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


i mean, i can't even make this stuff up...,2933,281217,00.html

Friday, June 08, 2007

worth it...

ok - it's been a while, but i saw this and thought it was funny & worth posting... heh heh,2933,279352,00.html

Oh yeah...and these guys are in their 60's...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Couldn't pass up...

So, in an effort to start blogging again, I saw this the other day and just couldn't pass it up. I said to myself, "self, that is one funny image! This needs to be shared with the world." hahahaha so, enjoy... yellow scion, "short bus", disabled sticker...great sense of humor....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


so for whatever reasons i keep getting lots of hits here every week and i'm not even updating. crazy. so, to give you something different to look at, i decided to post a new thought. Actually not even a thought, just some new words. And a new pic. Yep, I'll put a new pic up here & let you know some of what's been going on. Well, I've lost about 10 pounds since my last post & that's a total of about 40 pounds since last year & I feel great. I am running between 4 & 8 miles almost every day, doing weights, etc. totally have had to buy a new wardrobe so clothes will fit. Business is still going really well. personal life is getting better. i'm getting better with my new camera (a Nikon dSLR), you've prob seen pics on lisa's blog. I'm realizing that I am such a people pleaser it's not necessarily healthy, so i'm going to start telling a lot more people no. i'm also learning i am a bit of a work-aholic. also, i'm learning that i constantly need to be challenged and am driven to always learn new things. Otherwise I get bored, and just do something "odd" to get that challenge. I'm starting to come to terms with who i am and i am feeling good about it. oddly enough, i've always felt that i have to be everything to everyone and now i don't feel that so much. in the past month or so i've made people mad, sad, etc. at work, something i've always hated doing (and still do), but have come to terms with that being life and sometimes there's nothing i can do about it. And that's not talking about my personal life - which it's happened there too - i'm realizing there's two different aspects of life. i know i'm rambling but i figure if there's still so many of you coming to the blog, i may as well share. so there you go.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

last post for a while...

well, right now my life sucks (to put it mildly). I am a total screwup (which I kinda several people know), although I think I'm becoming more OK with that. At least work is going really well. Personally though, I have issues I need to sort out, so until i get those sorted out, I'll be taking a brief hiatus on the B-L-O-G. I'm sure you're saddened. heh.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

my jeep rules...

OK - a little heartache, $1400 and a quick drive back to the office and my wrangler officially rules once again. I so know what a bad transmission is now. ;) I should have had that fixed a while back. hahahahaha - Now that I'm driving it with a good one, I probably should have gotten it about a year ago. ;) heh.

enjoi...I know I do.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My mastercard life...

So the past few days have been pretty interesting to say the least. A lot going on, too much to put here. Anyway, I thought I'd fill you in on some of it in the form of a Mastercard commercial. Here goes...

  • Transmission going out on a Jeep Wrangler....$1300
  • Driving a brand new 4runner in the snow, sliding around (b/c it's nowhere near as good as the Wrangler...btw, when's my Land Rover going to get here?), tearing the side mirror off of a volvo and scratching the 4runner bumper....$350
  • Going to a low-rent circus (with a very talented contortionist, I might add) seeing an elephant pee on everything and getting a picture of it at the end....$priceless.

Friday, February 16, 2007

why i buy quicksilver stuff...

nuff said (sorry for the language...)

Starbucks The Way I See It #185

OK, so i got a coffee (my MMM) today and got this on the cup and thought it was an interesting statement:

"A valuable lesson I've learned from making music is to never let anyone intimidate me. Every student, celebrity, CEO and math teacher in the world has experienced love, loneliness, fear and embarrassment at some point. To understand this is to level an often very lopsided playing field." ~ Anna Nalick

  1. I am going to find her music and she what type of music she plays/writes.
  2. I need to think of a way to incorporate this thought into the way I sell. ;)
  3. If I sell to you and you are reading this...well, just go with it. hahahahaha

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bob Barker, Sara Manny and TiVo

heh. So, I know this girl named Sara (not super well, but good enough to put her on the b-l-o-g)... ;) Honestly, I don't even know if her last name is spelled right...hahahaha. Anyway, she was on the Price is Right yesterday and I Tivo'd it b/c I figured some of you would want to see it. So, I clipped it all down with just her parts...even if you don't know her, she is really pretty funny and it's fun to watch. Oh yeah...she's the one in the light blue shirt. ;)


Sunday, February 11, 2007


OMG...After being a microsoft guy for a long time, being on the campus, knowing some of the people there, etc., I wondered how Vista would really be when it's time came. Well, since I've been using an Apple for the past few months I had really forgotten about Vista and what is was supposed to do, etc. Let start by saying this. I will never buy another PC again. I will never waste money on a microsoft based computer ever again. I'm so glad I found out about Vista before I wasted any of my money.

A friend of mine's computer crashed and she asked me to help her fix it. I said, OK, no problem. So I went to look at it, long story short, bad motherboard (emachines, go figure...hahah). Basically it was cheaper to get a new PC instead of fixing the old one. So she did. Well, the new one has Vista on it. heh. What a piece of crap. The "new" machine is slower than the old one and after using an Apple with OSX for the past few months, Vista really does seem so cumbersome and awkward. It's really funny. I can't believe people will be buying and using this stuff. If only everyone tried the Mac OS for one week, they would get so used to it and how intuitive it is and never buy a PC again.

At least I'm still super glad I made the switch. Oh yeah, and our PC (an XP machine) is about to croak. It's a few years old. And yes, I'm replacing it with an iMac. It will go well with my MacBook. ;)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

famosity, jose and MIT

yes i totally made up that word. ;) But, in the vain of famousness (heh...yes another made up word), my bud jose is officially famous now. He is quoted in this CNET article about MIT's recent conference where he was on a panel about new web stuff. That's the technical term for it. hahahaha. (not to mention the fame and fortune possibilities of being in Urban Latino Magazine - had to plug it bro) Anyway...I'm proud of ya Jose. Great Job!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

this is why i eat steak...

so, i can grow old and still be a rockstar...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Astronauts, Ass & Not!

sorry about the title and this really isn't super funny...well, not hahaha funny but ironic funny. ;)
Anyway...this story is priceless -,2933,250415,00.html

who knew diapers were so useful?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

this is sooooo funny...

OK - so Lisa was just watching the video below and started singing it a little bit and our son just walks in singing right along with her and explains the name of the song. Apparently this is a huge kids game. ;) Luke comes in and draws 2 circles on my hand and puts 2 dots in the middle and tells me I have my cootie shot, then makes a smiley face out of it and says, "OK, now you can't get cooties." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Who knew?
Too funny!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i'm baaaacckkkk....

ok -now that I'm back from being deathly ill, i felt the need to post. Since, I'm a huge B-RAD G fan (hahahahaha) I thought I'd share this vid with ya...enjoi.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


It's snowing, i have 8 parking tickets on my desk and I am sick. In the morning is a photoshoot we're in for a new state advertising campaign (our other modeling was an apparent hit) and it's going to be outside in the cold...oh joy. Models really do have it rough. heh.

Monday, January 22, 2007

What the Hey?!?!?!

I've used this phrase a couple of times recently in lieu of other choice words and am getting annoyed with it. I don't even understand what it means. So, I decided to look up the phrase and see what it's origins and meanings were and how it came to be...

“What the Hey” - Originally “What the Hay” - (read all the way through...very interesting)

Traced back to the Celtic farmers before Christ was born, “what the hey” was originally know as “what the Hay”. Hay was an important crop to the Celtic farmers and was regarded as one of their most precious resources. It served many uses from feeding their livestock to even being used as ingredients in their prepared food for themselves, to being used as thatch mixture for their dwellings. Celtic farmers would even go so far as to booby-trap their land and dwellings to protect this precious commodity. Disputes over hay were even said to be one of the causes of the first invasions of Rome, by the Celts around 400BC.

Celtic farmers and warriors would often barter and trade using hay instead of other materials, like weaponry, rocks or jewels. This became common practice in their way of life and depending on how rainy of a season they had, the hay would be various lengths due to growth. The longer the hay shoots, the more valuable the pieces were. The Celtic men would often ask each other about the length of their hay shoots to determine how much would be traded on any given day.

After the initial invasion of Rome, the Celtic and Roman cultures began to intermingle as well as their languages. Due to certain barriers of speech, the initial questioning of the length of someone's hay became shorter so that the Roman population could be involved in conversation. The Romans used many Celtic farmers and former warriors as hired help in their lands and were very accommodating to the Celtic lifestyle. In order to placate much of what was being spoken, the Roman's learned to ask about the length of hay. They would ask, “VVHAUT LEINGT HEI”, which came across to the Celts as simply “what's the hay”.

After several centuries, hay became less of a commodity and whey became the prevalent grain type. Farmers from several cultures would still ask “what the hey” only now, they referred to whey. This became such common practice in the mid 16th & 17th centuries, that people would simply stop and say “hey” to the barley merchants as they passed by to know how much their whey stock was worth.

Eventually the word “hey” became to be used as a personable greeting in simply passing one another by on the street and is still used today.

Wow...crazy, huh? Yes, I made every bit of that up. ;) hahahahaha Not bad for a 15 minute break, eh?

Friday, January 19, 2007

timoteo...the evil genius.

OK, so my timoteo is coming out. I got that nickname in Peru (actually it's not a nickname, but my real name...hahahaha - well my real name to the spanish speaking folks). There used to be a TV show down there that had a guy named timoteo in it that was a bad guy. There was also a cartoon that had a timoteo in it that was a goofy big thing (can't remember...some kind of animal maybe?). Anyway, I know I got the nickname from the cartoon, but I'm going to pretend for purposes of this blog, it was the cool, bad guy on the other show. ;)

Parking tickets. Yes, back on that subject. I got another one yesterday. Yep, sure enough. I still haven't met my quota yet, but it is only the 19th. I kept thinking to myself how to make it the absolute hardest on the city to get payment for these tickets. Marcus Arelius and I were chatting this morning about it and the plan has been decided. I will go on the due date, plead all tickets not guilty (extra paperwork) and then proceed to pay them in coinage. All change. Pennies in fact. $40-$50 worth. And, here's the kicker...I'm going to mix in Canadian coins...MUHOOWAHAHAHAHAAHAH. What's so funny is that we all know canadian money isn't worth as much as American money, so I'll actually be getting a discount on the tickets, thereby saving me more money for my super duper plan of world domination!


Sorry, I got a bit carried away. Scratch that last sentence. Ummmm, there are no plans for world domination.

Anyway, I feel it is a good plan. Will let you know in Feb how it turns out. ;)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

rollin', rollin', rollin'...

YeeHAW! I've been trying to think of some things to do to my Jeep to make it a little cooler, and recently (this morning) added some coolness to the vehicle. I needed to get new tires, so I went shopping for some areound to all the tire places. The quotes were between $500-$600 for plain tires for my jeep. Not off roadies or anything like that. One day I was at the Wal-Mart and said to myself, "self, what they hay...see how much tires are here." So I did. Well, to my delight, Goodyear Wranglers were only going to be $250 installed. WOW! So, an obvious no-brainer since they were twice that everywhere else! Since, I was planning on spending about $500 anyway, I decided to go ahead and see how much new wheels would cost. About $300. Yep. So I bought new wheels too (black instead of the old silver ones)! And now my jeep is starting to look even cooler than it already did. ;) Here's my pic...enjoy! Let me know what you think.

PS - Yes, I know I need to get the blue off...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

banged up, bruised, but not buried...yet

ouch. I decided to get out my little MX bike yesterday and play around in the yard and in the construction zone of the new house. Ever since demolishing my 12' jump I had in the yard that I'd hit with my racing bike, I've missed just being able to ride in the yard without having to go to a track. Well, yesterday was pretty nice and I hadn't started my little bike all winter and decided to get it out and ride.

I started off just riding up and down the road and around the yard and started having a blast! I then looked around and decided I could build some jumps and just see what I could do. I decided to start with this little rock pile, gravel really, that was piled in a mound and just go through it to see what happened. No, of course I wasn't wearing any pads or a helmet... :( Well, I hit the rocks and jumped! "WOW! OK, this could be cool", I think to myself. So I start jumping off of it seeing how high I can get etc. My son is watching (it's technically his bike) going "cool...good jump", etc. So I try going off the top of the pile...and lo and behold, that's when the rocks decide to fall out from underneath...although it didn't change the fact that I did get a pretty good air. I didn't however, get a pretty good landing.

I fly through the air, do the best I can with what I've got, and crash so hard...scraped up my back, messed up my left shoulder (still can't really move it) and threw my head into the ground. Now I know why I should always wear a helmet...hahahahaha.

After a few dazed seconds that feel like a year, I get up and clean off the bike and look around to make sure I'm not dead, and Luke yells out, "Dad, that was awesome. You almost landed a superman on my bike!!! That was awesome I can't believe you tried that!"

That's right, son...that's right. I almost landed a superman...

hahahahahahahahaha - I wish.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

it's the new style...

4 and 3 and 2 and 1...when I'm on the type, the suckers run...I got more words than the dictionary, watch out son it's about to get hairy...I got a new look for my b-l-o-g, I hope you like it, if not, well sue me...

well then. now since that is all out of my system, I got a bit tired of the old look (even though my fav color is green), and decided to revamp it. So, I hope you don;t mind looking at it. Let me know what you think.


[no i don't know what that is either...]

Friday, January 12, 2007

parking strategy

So, in our new building we are in 'downtown'. All the parking downtown town is free 2 hour only on the streets (right in front of our building and elsewhere), or you can park in the parking garage, a block or two away, or you can opt for the $30 a month parking space behind our building. Now most people would think it's a no-brainer to do the $30 a month for a space, right? Well, not me. I have decided (and have talked everyone in our office into this same philosophy) to beat the system. I mean really, do you think their are police that go up and down the street where we live looking to write a 2 hour violation parking ticket? No, me neither. Here's the deal...

I find out parking tickets are $10 a fine. So, I say to myself, "I'd have to get a minimum of 3 tickets a month parking on the side of the road in front of my office to pay for a space behind my office. I would have to get 4 tickets/fines a month for a couple of months in a row, to justify buying a space. No I'm not walking 2 blocks unless I have to. It is winter." Well, to me this is just brilliant. So I tell everyone else about this grand scheme of convenience vs. non-convenience and everyone agrees. So we have all been doing this the past month and a half with no fines...

Until yesterday. Yesterday I got a ticket. Marcus got a ticket. A couple of other people here got tickets. So, they racked up yesterday in fines...Only thing is...our new girl didn't get a ticket, and she was in front of me and I even left and came back and parked yesterday while her vehicle was there the whole time. So, I'm thinking of filing a discriminatory suite against the parking people. All of us guys got tickets and the girl didn't. Hmmmm....

Needless to say, everyone is whining and moaning about having to pay $10 (which they don't even have to, I mean our business is paying most of them - well, at least mine and Marcus'...heh). I have to remind them that they could be paying $30 instead, blah blah blah.

Where is the humor in all of this? I'll tell you. But you have to keep it a secret... I told our new girl that if she went out and made parking tickets that looked real and put them on people's cars and use a PO BOX, they would mail them in and she could make a lot of money really fast. Well, she took me up on it and I think she has about $450 or so coming to her. Pretty clever I must say...

[the above is a fictional account of what really happened yesterday...yes i got a ticket, but everything else is made up....heh]

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


well, since I waxed a little yesterday with the football post, I figured I'd switch and make today my 2fer day. I didn't think any of you would mind. So, here goes:

1 - We have a new employee starting today which we are excited about. Hopefully she will do a great job and add a lot to the company. What's funny is that is has been a while since I've actually had to manage just one person, but I think we have enough to do around here to keep her going. Cross your fingers for us. ;)

2 - Read, read, read. I am not even in school and have to read 2 books this week for things I am doing in the evenings. I enjoy reading for fun...not sure yet if this will be fun or not. I know they will be good for me - one is a Dave Ramsey book on money ;) and the other is the Purpose Driven Life. Maybe by combining and applying the two all stress in my life will suddenly disappear. Not! (ohhhh...nice throwback phrase...)


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

To The Ohio State Football fans...

Welcome to the SEC. ;) Last night demonstrated, what is known in the south, as an ass-whoopin. I'm not even a Florida fan, but I was rooting for them, because I knew Ohio State was WAY over-rated. They practically played high school football teams (with the exception of Michigan) all year and had this awesome record to be #1. Well, last night demonstrated why the SEC conference is the toughest in college football. Actually, probably half or more teams from the SEC would've beaten Ohio State. And, it would have saved Ohio State a LOT of embarrassment if there was a playoff system...they would have been eliminated early on and a real football game could've been played instead. Don't get me wrong, even thought I'm not a Florida fan (I'm actually a TN fan) I was so happy to see them win. Everyone told me I was crazy thinking they would win, but hey...I'd put any SEC team up against any other conference team any day to watch the carnage.

It amazes me how much commentators on ESPN, ABC, Fox, etc...never give the SEC any credit. They were actually surprised last night at how well Florida played...I mean do any of these guys ever watch football? If you had seen any games Florida played, you'd know they're fast, strong and can play ball (like all SEC teams). Insane....although it was funny watching Emmit Smith do the chop...I chuckled.

Oh well, maybe next year for the championship, there will be two comparable teams to make the game more interesting...which ultimately means there probably won't be an SEC team (since it's like pitting a NFL team against a HS football team, as we saw last night).


Monday, January 08, 2007

ahhhhh, starbucks...

well, today there was yet another awe inspiring quote on a coffee cup from starbucks...i love these things...

The Way I See It #186

The world is smaller than you think, and the people on it are more beautiful than you think.
-- Bertram van Munster
Emmy® Award–winning executive producer/director.


Friday, January 05, 2007

yes, i'm weird...

For today, funny friday, i thought i would do something that's funny - so this is what I came up with...enjoy. ;)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

it's not even 9 yet

and i've already configured 3 sql databases (not really), scraped ice off of my jeep (not really) and helped a little old lady across the street (not really)...

actually, I am working on 3 sql db's, just let my jeep warm up and defrost, and the lady wasn't too old that I pushed her van up a hill about 100 yards through an intersection in my jeep. Have I said lately how much I love my Jeep? I mean it is 12 years old, but still rules!!

Well, let's see what's in store for the 9a hour...


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

my 2fer

OK - so happy new year's!!!! I've been slacking but for good reason. I've been stupid busy...

anyway - here's my 2fer...

1 - The Wii still rules...esp Zelda...hahahahah
2 - my suzuki motocross bike will fit inside of a minivan with all the seats out and a bunch of pushing and tugging....hahahahahahaha (yes - it was cool. yes, it was a rental van. yes, i got hurt mxing in va on sunday - left elbow...still hard to move...hahahaha).

ok - out