Saturday, September 30, 2006

Teddybears inMotion

OK – so today I am helping some high schoolers in their leadership development. I’ve been doing this for several years now and really enjoy it. For the beginning of the meeting I am doing an icebreaker that seems like it might be pretty cool. This is only the second meeting for the whole year and the only other time these kids have met was during the orientation phase. So, the idea of this icebreaker is to get them out of their shell really quick. I’m taking an iPod and am going to play songs for them to dance to. Individually. Heheh - It should be pretty funny. And yes, I usually will do it first, so I know there’s going to be a big laugh there.

So, anyway, in preparing for this I needed to get some cool music for them to dance to and came across a band called the Teddybears. Wow! All I have to say. Way cool. I downloaded most of their stuff off iTunes. Really cool beats, and some different guest singers on songs. Very fun stuff! The main album they have out was only released last week, and I’m sure some songs off it will be popular.

So I get all of this ready and realize…hmmmmm now how am I going to play the iPod out loud. I need speakers. On to Best Buy. I found the coolest speakers for my nano. They are Altec Lansing inMotion IM500 speakers. Incredible! I mean, A-these speakers are as thin as a pen and otherwise about the size of a small book, and B-you should hear the sound. I had no idea. I was half expecting them to be tinny, and honestly, was planning on taking them back after using them. But, I’ll probably keep them. Very reminiscent of a Bose system. Needless to say – way cool. Although they were $130, but, they sound great & Lisa can put her nano in it to and listen during the day. They can operate off AC or batteries and they charge the nano at the same time.

OK OK – I know – sorry for this being a big commercial. And no, I don’t work for the speaker company or apple, and I’m not in the band, etc. I was just genuinely impressed. I mean, I really don’t need a home stereo system with the nano and IM500. They are my new home stereo system…hahahahahahaha

Friday, September 29, 2006

How to beat anyone at Rock Paper Scissors

OK - Yes I found this elsewhere...the original author is quoted at the bottom - enjoy...

With the 2006 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships coming up in November in Toronto and $10,000.00 on the line (not to mention bragging rights of being able to call yourself "World Champion of RPS"), trying to get some sort of edge on your competition is becoming a focal point for a lot of players.

Little bit of background. Contrary to what you might think RPS is not simply a game of luck or chance. While it is true that from a mathematical perspective the 'optimum' strategy is to play randomly, it still is not a winning strategy for two reasons.

First, 'optimum' in this case means you should win, lose and draw an equal number of times (hardly a winning strategy over the long term).

Second, Humans, try as they might, are terrible at trying to be random, in fact often humans in trying to approximate randomness become quite predictable. So knowing that there is always something motivating your opponent's actions, there are a couple of tricks and techniques that you can use to tip the balance in your favour.

The secret to winning at RPS
Basically, there are two ways to win at RPS. First is to take one throw away from your opponent options. ie - If you can get your opponent to not play rock, then you can safely go with scissors as it will win against paper and stalemate against itself. Seems impossible right? Not if you know the subtle ways you can manipulate someone. The art is to not let them know you are eliminating one of their options. The second way is to force you opponent into making a predictable move. Obviously, the key is that it has to be done without them realizing that you are manipulating them.

Most of the following techniques use variations on these basic principles. How well it works for you depends upon how well you can subtly manipulate your opponent without them figuring out what you are doing. So, now that the background is out of the way, let's get into these techniques:

1 - Rock is for Rookies
In RPS circles a common mantra is "Rock is for Rookies" because males have a tendency to lead with Rock on their opening throw. It has a lot to do with idea that Rock is perceived as "strong" and forceful", so guys tend to fall back on it. Use this knowledge to take an easy first win by playing Paper. This tactic is best done in pedestrian matches against someone who doesn't play that much and generally won't work in tournament play.

2 - Scissors on First
The second step in the 'Rock is for Rookies' line of thinking is to play scissors as your opening move against a more experienced player. Since you know they won't come out with rock (since it is too obvious), scissors is your obvious safe move to win against paper or stalemate to itself.

3 - The Double Run
When playing with someone who is not experienced at the RPS, look out for double runs or in other words, the same throw twice. When this happens you can safely eliminate that throw and guarantee yourself at worst a stalemate in the next game. So, when you see a two-Scissor run, you know their next move will be Rock or Paper, so Paper is your best move. Why does this work? People hate being predictable and the perceived hallmark of predictability is to come out with the same throw three times in row.

4 - Telegraph Your Throw
Tell your opponent what you are going to throw and then actually throw what you said. Why? As long as you are not playing someone who actually thinks you are bold enough to telegraph your throw and then actually deliver it, you can eliminate the throw that beats the throw you are telegraphing. So, if you announce rock, your opponent won't play paper which means coming out with that scissors will give you at worst a stalemate and at best the win.

5 - Step Ahead Thinking
Don't know what to do for your next throw? Try playing the throw that would have lost to your opponents last throw? Sounds weird but it works more often than not, why? Inexperienced (or flustered) players will often subconsciously deliver the throw that beat their last one. Therefore, if your opponent played paper, they will very often play Scissors, so you go Rock. This is a good tactic in a stalemate situation or when your opponent lost their last game. It is not as successful after a player has won the last game as they are generally in a more confident state of mind which causes them to be more active in choosing their next throw.

6 - Suggest A Throw
When playing against someone who asks you to remind them about the rules, take the opportunity to subtly "suggest a throw" as you explain to them by physically showing them the throw you want them to play. ie "Paper beats Rock, Rock beats scissors (show scissors), Scissors (show scissors again) beats paper." Believe it or not, when people are not paying attention their subconscious mind will often accept your "suggestion". A very similar technique is used by magicians to get someone to take a specific card from the deck.

7 - When All Else Fails Go With Paper
Haven't a clue what to throw next? Then go with Paper. Why? Statistically, in competition play, it has been observed that scissors is thrown the least often. Specifically, it gets delivered 29.6% of the time, so it slightly under-indexes against the expected average of 33.33% by 3.73%. Obviously, knowing this only gives you a slight advantage, but in a situation where you just don't know what to do, even a slight edge is better than none at all.

8 - The Rounder's Ploy
This technique falls into more of a 'cheating' category, but if you have no honour and can live with yourself the next day, you can use it to get an edge. The way it works is when you suggest a game with someone, make no mention of the number of rounds you are going to play. Play the first match and if you win, take it is as a win. If you lose, without missing a beat start playing the 'next' round on the assumption that it was a best 2 out of 3. No doubt you will hear protests from your opponent but stay firm and remind them that 'no one plays best of one for a kind of decision that you two are making'. No this devious technique won't guarantee you the win, but it will give you a chance to battle back to even and start again.

About the author: Graham Walker - As a co-author of the Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide (published by Simon and Schuster) and five-time organizer of the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships, Graham Walker is one of the few people who is actually a credible authority on the strategy and cultural significance on the game of Rock Paper Scissors.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Therapuetic Thursday with Stuart Smalley

In those infamous words that are so fitting on a day like today…

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!"
o Al Franken as Stuart Smalley

Another recent award. ;) Tell me when you get sick of seeing these. hahahaha

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ear Wax and Herpes (not the genital kind) - Catchy title, huh?

OK – so yesterday I had an eye doctor appointment to check on my eyes and to see about how new contacts would work. In case you didn’t know - I haven’t been able to wear any since june because my left eye was messed up a little bit. It had something to do with wearing contacts that were too old for too long without taking them out of my eye. Go figure. ;) hahahahaha

Anyway, I go to there and it was a blast as usual. My eye doctor is hilarious and her staff is just as funny – through me into the mix…needless to say they are always excited when I come in. hahahaha So, I’m in there and the first girl I see tells me to take off my glasses, then put them on, then take them off…over and over for all these tests. Then cover left/right eye, etc. After a few minutes of this I ask her…wouldn’t it be simpler if you did all the glasses off tests at the same time…all the right eye tests and the same time, left eye same time, etc.? She said ”yeah, and I do it that way most of the time, but I just like making you work and watch you take your glasses off and on – it’s funny.” It really was funny – although I had to be there 2 hours so I figured I needed to make the best use of my time. I had to have my eyes dialated etc., so it was best to have fun.

Now when Dr. Jones came in she started with the whole glasses thing and just started laughing (she knew what the other girl had done). Anyway, she’s examining my eyes and looking around (blinding me – which I complain greatly of) and notices a fever blister on my lip. She asks “Is that a fever blister?”
“Yes”, I replied.
“Well, I get those too and there’s this over the counter medicing that works great on them. It’s called abrevia (or something like that).”
“Oh yeah, I tried that once. Didn’t work too well. I am using Lovitra which is awesome – 2-3 days – done. It’s OTC too.”
“hmmmm.” She said. “Well, you know what my mom always told me.
“No what?”
“She said that you can use ear wax and place it on your fever blister and it will go away.”
Now I start thinking to myself…”OK, maybe the people here aren’t just messing with me…maybe they are actually psyco. I need to find an exit quick…Was that real eyes drops they put in my eye…or something more sinister, like a homegrown concoction?” And just as my train of hought starts heading down the track, I hear…
“Of course, I’ve never tried it…I don’t think it would work.”
Whew…ok I feel a little better now – at least the doctor hasn’t tried it…ok not so bad.
Then suddenly…
“Oh my gosh,” she seemed very startled. “It’s 4 o’clock (I got there at 3) and my son had a dentist appointment at 3:30 – I completely forgot.”
Yep – mind starts racing again…has she forgot to do anything with my eyes?
She picks up the phone in the room. And over the intercom I hear “Ummm, Julie or Jessica, can either one of you take Johnny to the dentist? Or see if Randy (her husband who works there too) can take him – I clean forgot his appointment was at 3:30.”
I laugh out loud (as I am prone to do) and look at her as she hangs up the phone. She hangs up and says, “Yeah, laugh it up. I had to get their attention because I don’t know where anyone is and he’s already late…if he’s too late they won’t see him and still charge me.”
“Oh”, I reply sarcastically, “is that what there policy book states.”
“Nooooo, I have had to pay for three visits that he didn’t get to.”
“WHAT?!?! You mean it’s taken 3 times for you to learn not to forget the appointments? Wow. One, I wouldv’e chalked up as a learning experience. Two, yeah OK, maybe things come up and you have to miss. But three? And now maybe four? You need to get a PDA or something. Hahahahaha”

This was a very funny conversation. Needless to say I love my eye doctor and staff – they really are great, if not certifiably insane. But I fit in. HAHAHAHAHA

So – as for WaxOnWaxOff – the whole ear wax thing is still with me, so I decided to look it up. If any of you suffer from cold sores, fever blisters, herpes – whatever…check this out. Not only does ear wax appear to work, but so do a lot of other things. And artificial sweetener causes outbreaks…very wild stuff. I think that’s why I got mine. I drank a few Diet Cokes a week or so ago and got a fever blister. I hadn’t drank any cokes for about 6-7 months and never had one during that time…hmmm.interesting. From now on it’s “sugar in the raw”.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


today's twofer...

1 - this is kind of funny...

2 - I am pissed at a local bank - if it doesn't get any better, I am publishing a whole site dedicated to their demise and will start advertising it too. ;)

ok - that's all...

Monday, September 25, 2006're on candid camera

well, no. Not really, but in an effort to motivate positively - I'm posting this quote:

"I have witnessed the softening of the hardest of hearts by a simple smile."
Goldie Hawn (1945 - )

Now - I'm not the biggest Goldie Hawn fan...I don't know her, never met her, etc. etc. But I agree with this statement she made. I have seen it work too. So, next time you're in line somewhere and it takes forever, or your coffee is wrong, someone is extremely rude to you, etc. Just smile at the person - not only will it break the ice, but it will make you feel better too. Trust me. ;) Plus, you never know who's watching...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

beats to the rhyme

This is my blog, as you well know
But sometimes my comments stay at zero
I do not understand why this is so
Because there’s always something to say to me or tell me where to go

This isn’t the poem that lisa really loved
But I will put that one up soon enough
It’s a funny one that’s slightly metaphoric
I’ll type it, revise it, and put it up next week.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

r u serious?

1st - i know today is serious saturday. That being said...I had the question posed to me on funny friday about how i can make my eyes move. It was funny yesterday...I told them, and they were like are you serious? Yes. Without going into great's a video to show just how serious I am when i say i can make my eyes move around slightly differently than normal.

After you watch the video, if you'd like to learn how to do it...just send me $19.95 +5.95 S&H and i can send you the secrects on jedi eye movement...hahahahahaha - scroll down and enjoy...

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Alright – well another fun day…and yep…I was too wrapped up in it all to get lots of pictures. But, I did meet Lamar, and got to see and hear john Sununu, john thune, elaine chao, lisa Murkowski, among others. They were really good… The real surprise and treat was getting to hear carly fiorina (formerly of HP fame) speak – she was awesome! She started out as a receptionist in a real estate office…way cool. I learned so much stuff it’s not even funny. I even found a new business opportunity (oh yeah…I was even asked about a job…will have to get more detail on that one) All in all a great time – I met so many really cool people. This was the first event like this of its kind. Everyone seemed a little bewildered as to why they were there. It was definitely a prepping for running for office of some kind. Almost spooky – but hey…I’m in the club now and that is cool. Even though I know anyone/everyone can call up their senator and talk to them etc., I really feel like I can and they know who I am. Very cool. What’s better, is that now I could even call out to anyone that was there that I met and go see them. Very nice. I also met some other really cool people…I ate lunch with the atty gnl of NH – she was really cool. The Dir of Hmlnd Scrty of NH too. Awesome. I got to hang with some big dogs. I felt by far to be one of the least significant people there. All these people (most of them anyway) had some idea of running for office in some capacity and they were all talking to me and I’m like…"well, I’m a business guy…I sell things. I’ve started and sold a couple of businesses etc., but I’m no PHD or anything - no Harvard or Princeton...not sure why I'm here really"...hahahaha. Oh yeah, Bill, the guy that started F@stCompany was there too – very bright guy. Oh well…not sure what else to say – I had a blast and will most likely do it again. They asked us if it was valuable and if we’d come back. I said…uh, yeah. Totally a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now I have even more friends across the country…hahahahaha And what's really neat, out of the 9 people from TN there - I was the only one representing the state East of Nashville. Yep...that was actually pretty cool. I represented Chattanooga, knoxvegas and tri-cities and all the little places in between. Heh.

Ok – now for something a little different. I was on the plane heading home…I have just finished reading this week’s TIME magazine – a really good issue (Sept 25th). But I have just read something that absolutely disturbs me beyond belief. Have you heard of a “Safe-Surrender” Law? If so, you’re in the know more than me. 47 states have this. 47 out of 50. Wanna know what it is? Well, it allows a mother to give up her child anywhere from 3 days (in 16 states) up to 1 year old (in Missouri and North Dakota) just because she doesn’t want it, or feels “overwhelmed”. Can you believe this? Supposedly it is to prevent unnecessary killing of unwanted babies. All a mother has to do is show up at a proper “drop off” location, like a fire station and tell them she doesn’t want the baby and then leaves. I mean – seriously…This has absolutely blown my mind. So now, if you get pregnant and want to know what having a baby is like, you can do that and if you don’t like it, you can give it away. What is this supposed to prevent or make positive? Sure, I guess those mothers are not having abortions or killing their babies, but still. And the statistics are showing that it is not preventing deaths on newborns either. Roughly the same amount of babies are being killed every year after birth, even with this law. Read the article here -,9171,1535837,00.html (copy and paste in your browser)

Anyway – I just thought I’d share that. Totally blew me away! I had no idea things like this exist. And even in California right now, they are looking to go from 3 days to 30 days. A “test drive” period. “Hey kids, try before you buy…” I think Arnold has until Sept 30 to decide if it’s going to pass or not. We’ll see. Just thought I’d share.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

DC - one

Ok – so yesterday I fly into DC for this “invitation only” summit for young professionals. I must say – very cool. Last night I got to meet and greet Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Orrin Hatch, Bill Frist and Trent Lott, just to name a few. It didn’t even dawn on me to get pictures until the end b/c it was such a great night. I did get a pic of Trent Lott toward the end, so at lest one pic is better than none. They encouraged all of us to get into some type of office and eventually look toward a bigger goal. And they were all willing to help. Very cool. It had to be one of the coolest nights I’ve had in a meet & greet in a long time. Also, I met 3 other people that I just clicked with right away. One is Robby, who is about 40 – a banker (VP) and mayor if his town in West TN, who happens to be married to a Ukrainian (so my Russian came into play), another was Anne (27), who is the PR director for a posh (very nice) resort in Florida (she helped run part of Jeb’s campaign when he first ran for gov), and Justin (30) who is an International Affairs Strategist for a Tampa firm – way cool people. We all hung out last night and got to know each other pretty well. Soooo fun. Anyway – today is all day of what last night was like…meet/greet, etc. So I must go – but I’ll try to remember to get more pics. ;)


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


1 – My new longboard is sweet. Fast, Smooth, 47” – and turns on a dime :P

2 – I had 2 ball games last night – we won both – but in the second won, I hit 3 home runs. The best part – 2 were right handed and 1 was left handed…ahhhh yeah. ;)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Motivation from Starbucks...

So, I go to Starbucks this morning (as usual, unless I'm at Panera), through the drivethrough and order my standard Marble Mocha Macchiato (get one if you haven't - awesome) and drink it down during this morning's meeting. I decided to read "The Way I See It" quote on the cup. This is something I rarely do, but today was different. Here's is the quote (It's #178, btw):

"The measure of genuine civilization, it has been said, is the quality of life for a nation's poorest and least privileged people. By that measure, we are barbarians. Our current level of inequality cannot be justified or sustained." - Robert W. McChesney

After reading this I thought to myself, hmmm - interesting and very true. I mean how can we call oursleves civil and not treat those less fortunate with dignity and respect. I know I sometimes don't. I often look down on people who don't "fit my mold or idea" of who or what a "normal" person is. I mean, we sponsor children/families in other countries and try to help them succeed, we're involved with, among other things. But what do I do for people here to help our nation grow? Well, I pay taxes, so the gov't can deal with them so I don't have to get "dirty". Just like I send money to other places to empower other people to get "dirty". What do I do to get "dirty" other than give money? I volunteer a lot for various things...sometimes I wonder how much of that I do for myself instead of for helping others. Probably most of it, if I were honest.

What do you do to get "dirty"?

Just a thought.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

football fun....

OK - So I had a poem for today - all original...Lisa even read it and really, really liked it (heh), but after yesterday I have decided to do something different and save my original for maybe next week, or another, better time. This week is not original...but do continue on...

We went to the game last night (surely I don't have to tell you which one...) after meeting some friends downtown and going out to eat. It was so fun...and free - doesn't get much better than that. After we ate we decided to go down the to stadium and get tickets. Here's a little hint for you...the games are always "get inable". The closer you wait 'til kickoff, the cheaper the tix. If you wait until after kickoff, they are usually well below face value. Anyway, we wanted to see kickoff, so we bought them ahead of time. Everyone I talked to said they would be between $400 - $500 a pair. Which they were...but, at 10 mins. before kickoff - they were only $70 ea. Since face value is $44, I didn't think that was too much extra to pay to get in to see all the intro, Lisa had never been before so I wanted to make sure she got the "full" experience. Oh yeah...and we sat right above the enemy student section. Crazy. Sooooooo much fun though - I'd definately sit there again...really good seats - great view.

So, I'm posting some pics (from my phone) and putting down the rhymes...enjoi.

Rocky Top
by Boudleax and Felice Bryant
Wish that I was on ol' Rocky Top
Down in the Tennessee hills
Aint' no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top
Ain't no telephone bills
Once I had a girl on Rocky Top
Half bear, other half cat
Wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop
I still dream about that.
Rocky Top you'll always be
Home sweet home to me
Good ol' Rocky Top
Rocky Top Tennessee, Rocky Top Tennessee

Once two strangers climbed ol' Rocky Top
Lookin' for a moonshine still
Strangers ain't come down from Rocky Top
Reckon they never will
Rocky Top you'll always be
Home sweet home to me
Good ol' Rocky Top
Rocky Top Tennessee, Rocky Top Tennessee

Corn won't grow at all on Rocky Top
Dirt's too rocky by far
That's why all the folks on Rocky Top
Get their corn from a jar
Rocky Top you'll always be
Home sweet home to me
Good ol' Rocky Top
Rocky Top Tennessee, Rocky Top Tennessee

I've had years of cramped-up city life
Trapped like a duck in a pen
All I know is it's a pity life
Can't be simple again
Rocky Top you'll always be
Home sweet home to me
Good ol' Rocky Top
Rocky Top Tennessee, Rocky Top Tennessee

Saturday, September 16, 2006

not sure of a title

Things today -

1 - Birthday Party
2 - Going to Knoxville - apparently there is a "BIG GAME" there tonight that is a "MUST SEE"
3 - New Longboard - Sector9 46" (oh yeah and I got this real cheap...debating on whether to keep it or sell it)
4 - House is wrapped - Windows & Doors should be installed this week - Yep taking a bit - but the house is bigger that I thought it was going to be

not sure what else to put - just needed to post to keep the dream alive....heh

Friday, September 15, 2006

Pepsi...the mysterious origins...

So, most of you know I'm a Coke man. When I drink softdrinks, it's Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Cherry Coke. I usually don't stray from those, unless it's Mtn Dew. Well...most of you don't know why I drink Coke products. I'll fill you in.

Pepsi Cola was originally named Brad's Drink. Now, back in 1893, it was fairly common for mom and pop alchemists to concoct certain beverages and brews in their basement and "invent" the next big thing. Well, Caleb Bradham (who was from New Bern, NC, btw) invented something that was actually drinkable. He started selling it in his fountain shop, and he dubbed it "Brad's Drink". Since his last name contained "Brad" in it. So, first I think to myself, why didn't he call it "Caleb's Drink"? What was so mysterious that he wouldn't put his first name, or full last name on the drink (think "Dr. Pepper")? Hmmmmm....

Well, Mr. Bradham, had such a good drink on his hands he decided to market it medicinally. He traveled extensively marketing his new concoction as a digestive aid (ummmm...pepto-bismally), then marketed it as an energy booster (similar to a RockStar or Red Bull). Well...I know what you're thinking, an energy booster, ok I can see that, but a digestive aid? OK, so the name changed in 1898 to Pepsi-Cola. Why? Seems the part of the name Pepsi, comes from the pepsin that is in the drink. Think, Pepcid AC. Yep, the heartburn medicine. And as for the cola...that comes form the kola nut content that flavors up the pepsin.

So, in short, I do not like to have a refreshing drink that is sometimes prescribed for heartburn. HAHAHAHAHA

Now compare that with Coca-Cola, (which was made first - and the inventor of it actually wrote the logo by hand that is still used today) which first contained the same kola nut stuff for flavor and cocaine. Of course, they stopped that in the 80's. hahahahahaha - but you can see why it's been the more popular one over the years.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

What are you lookin' at?

So, coming back from Seattle the other day, I decided to have a little fun with people and do a bit of an experiment. I got this green shirt (bright Kelly Green) that says on the front – “STOP LOOKING AT MY SHIRT”. hahahahaha – It’s an awesome shirt! Size L, not XL, btw…hehehe - Anyway, I wore this shirt on my way back home knowing I would be wearing it in Seattle, SEATAC and Atlanta. I think you can tell a lot about people when you can notice their reaction to something like that. And, man oh man…did I get lots of reaction. Most people who I watched read it (I need to show a pic of it…it really does attract attention so you can see people looking at it before they actually look at your face…it’s quite humorous), would be looking down at it and then look up to see who would wear such a shirt and notice me looking at them already (the knew I was watching them read my shirt) and they would quickly turn their head. It’s a wonder none of them got whiplash. A couple of people who saw it laughed out loud, which was really what I was going for, and oddly enough, the only ones who laughed out loud were older women – maybe 50ish – and they also talked to me telling me how much they loved the shirt! So, after this, I decided to mix it up a bit and see if I could control the responses by the way I looked at people. None of this was in any way scientific, but boy did I have fun with it! Some people I did not smile at, at all. I just stared them down when they looked at me. These people, all of them I did that to, turned and looked away really fast. Others, I smiled at when they looked at me and most of them smiled back…and all of them looked at my shirt a 2nd time (which the ones I stared at did not). Then I decided to say “hey/hi” when others looked at my shirt. I don’t remember exact numbers, but it was less than half that said hey back. I just thought this was really neat. Then I decided to say “so, you like my shirt?” to people and smiled while saying it. Keep in mind, I wore this all morning (at Starbucks, Border’s, the airport for 2 hours and getting on the plane – all of this before ATL) and had plenty of time to come up with things to do. Most of these people (easily more than half, but not all) would smile back and say, “yeah”, or “it’s cute (the women said that)”, etc. No one said “no”. I thought this was pretty funny, because I’m sure at least one person I asked didn’t like it but lied to my face. Anyway, not super therapeutic, but it was a fun social experiment that I enjoyed. I’m gonna have to wear that shirt more often.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


ok ok ok - I can't believe it! I have actually posted every day for over a week. hahahaha - insane. Now let's see if I can go 2 steps, baby steps. So, I really don't have much to slam on today. No crazy comments - I mean, even my flights went well. I even landed late in ATL and they held my next flight for me (made it 20 minutes late just so they could get my luggage) that was good. Went skating up in kpt yesterday at the park...that was fun (that park is nice btw). Next time I'll get some footage and post it. ;) I ate lunch with Luke today, Mr. VIP for a day - his bday. Wore my new suit to work...let's see, what else? Not much really - I even won an umbrella today and it is raining! How funny! Lots of work to catch up on, so I'm going to get off here - just needed to post. - cya

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the 2fer

1 - i am reading an awesome book called "risk". It's by kenny luck and I recommend it to all guys out there who like to read. Kenny is from Saddleback and has some neat encouragements in there.

2 - the more I go to Seattle/Redmond, the more I like it. I could easily live there. It's such a neat reminds me of here. If you've not been there you definately need to go visit - lots of stuff to do - with similar awesome scenery.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Seattle, part Duex w/motivations....

9/11 – ok, so I’m flying cross country today. I should be home by midnight, just in time to do my 2fer.

Now I know it’s motivational Monday. I have 2 quotes – 1 that fits me right now and another that fits me right now…hahahahaha – there’s a third one that deals with seattle and a lot to tell there.

First things first…I found these quotes:

Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yourself to life.
-Adele Brookman

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.
-Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)

I think these quotes are pretty motivational. It’s neat to be encouraged by other people who look at things in a different way. The first quote is a neat glass half empty/half full thing for me – which I’m trying to look at things that way even more so than usual. The 2nd just makes me feel better about some of my doubts/confusion, etc. that I’ve been having and knowing that I’ll be better for it in the long run.

Now the 3rd quote for you today is this:

When you meet your antagonist, do everything in a mild and agreeable manner. Let your courage be as keen, but at the same time as polished, as your sword.
-Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751 - 1816)

Now the trip/show up here was awesome! Other than our display stuff being lost for a day – it couldn’t have gone any better. Last night was great. Of course all week(end) I’ve hung out with my Canadian buds (and I think it’s decided that I am going to Ottowa soon, too) and last night they had a big party in the Presidential Suite of the hotel. So, of course they want me to come, etc. Well, the party was co-hosted by one of my competitors in the software arena. A bigger one – we’re like the "Dr. Pepper" drink – a Cadbury brand that’s 3rd only to "Coke" & "Pepsi". This competitor is like Coke. Easily the biggest. I know the president of the company pretty well and told him I was coming and to be ready for me. I said, “I’m not going to wear my (company) shirt b/c you’re paying for all this stuff, and I’m not going to do too much business – I coming to hang with my peeps and get free food and drink.” Of course he was way cool with that and was like “yeah, totally – you know you’re more than welcome at my stuff. I really like you and know your cool and you’re a great competitor. Not like those a$$holes at “pepsi”. I hate those guys.” So – I show up at the party around 9. And it was a great time – but this is the funniest part – (I don’t want to use real names so I’ll call the president of coke – armwood – he’s from tampa…hahahah) Armwood was telling the people there about our software – yes, mine. He was selling it for me. It was hilarious – I got just as many hot leads from that party in 7 hours as I did in 2 days at the show. Of course Armwood didn’t really realize what he was doing…he had been drinking a lot. But nonetheless, I took full advantage of the situation. It was awesome – the Canadians couldn’t believe it…one of the girls was like “so, he [armwood] is paying for the other half of this party that we’re not, which is like $10K or so, and he’s selling your stuff. That’s odd, isn’t it?” “Uh, yeah – but I’m not complaining – let’s just not remind him of it in the morning.” And everyone laughed…it was funny. What’s even funnier is that he is coming to the TN/FLA game this weekend and wants to take us (by us – I actually mean me & Lisa, maybe Allan) out to dinner – wherever we want to go. And of Course I never pass up free food. Another thing – it seems everyone here loves my accent. "Que?" or "What?", you ask? I have an accent? Well, apparently I do, and the people up here love it. They knew it was southern, but not deep southern (think SC, GA, etc), no big drawl, and they just ate it up – it was pretty funny. They were all about being annoyed with the deep accent they’re used to from the south and not always understanding what’s said – but mine and the guy that was with me – they thought was sooo cool. And yes, they all do get out a lot, but apparently they’ve never been around my part of the south and they were all wanting to come here by the end of the show and party. (so lisa, be prepared – I told them all it was ok to come - that we only needed a couple days notice...)

So, Sunday, I went to a Mariners game – got tickets in the 16th row, behind 3rd – almost got hit in the head with a ball (the 16th row is pretty close – lots of foul balls), got sunburnt (yes in seattle) on only half of my neck (yes I look funny – hold comments), got jumped on for another ball – to which I told everyone around me – “People, you can go buy these balls for less than $10 in a store – it’s not that big of a deal to maim people to try to get a ball…really.” Of course the guy that jumped on me apologized (and kept on through the rest of the game – I had to finally “politely” tell him I was tired of hearing it. hahahaha)

OK – that’s about it. Here’s some pics from this trip – for more seattle pics – see my last post when I was there.

OK – a pic of the stadium, some action, a very cool information booth (all mobile) and a horse and buggy - enjoi.

company names used in this post are NOT the said companies - only used for comparison

Sunday, September 10, 2006

see my poem/

Loaded and ready – some may call it sin
The urge unrelenting – set to release from within
Control. All-consuming, waiting for the right time
Unloading before expectation
Holding back a wry sigh.
Soaked and wet you look up to see
A smile on my face, a sense of joy and glee
Who knew that people could have so much fun
Squirting other people with a plastic water gun

The Watergun

so that's my poem this week...not too much time to think about it.... ;)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

UPS still sucks

ok - so my stuff comes in today at 4p - just in time for the big part of the show at 5. I go get it, get back and set everything up in time and make it look really nice. When people come back in they are amazed (we seriously got commented on the new look at least 50 times) - some of them think we changed our booth around just for the dinner thing. It was kind of funny - but worked out really well. Not quite a day late and a dollar short...just a day late. Come to find out UPS doesn't even guarantee their overnight to be overnight. I'm still not going to pay for the shipping, nor am I ever going to use UPS again. From now on it's either FedEx or DHL. I suggest you do the same. And yes, it's 1am here and I am posting - ridiculous - I fell asleep at 10ish here and just woke up...I guess I'll get used to the time change as soon as I get home...figures.

Friday, September 08, 2006

not really funny, like ha ha...

so, it's 3am here in Seattle and I am up. I have 3 hours before I can start setting up our stuff that we are to do here. I also have 3 hours to hopefully get our stuff.

You see, I was going to check everything in luggage (which was why I bought & packed everthing the way I did), but I was persuaded by a couple of people at the office to just "ship it all". Yes, it would be easier at the airport, no it wouldn't get lost, etc. Well, guess's not here. I don't know why, but i can't sleep because i am wondering if it will get here on time to show to people. AAAGGGHHH!!! What I'm really worried about is that it may not be here today, which leaves monday for it to get here when everything is pretty much done - then I will have to miss my flight to make sure I get it to bring back home. THIS SUCKS! And what makes it all worse is that it was all overnighted and should have been here. I got 2 out of the 3 boxes - and the one I didn't get is the MAIN one.

Oh well, I'll just have to make due with what I the meantime I just hope they find my $8000 box.

OK - enough about my's a joke that kinda relates...

There was this guy at a bar, just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half of an hour.Then, this big trouble-making truck driver steps next to him, takes the drink from the guy, and just drinks it all down. The poor man starts crying. The truck driver says, "Come on man, I was just joking. Here, I'll buy you another drink. I just can't stand to see a man cry.""No, it's not that. This day is the worst of my life. First, I fall asleep, and I go late to my office. My boss, outrageous, fires me. When I leave the building, to my car, I found out it was stolen. The police said that they can do nothing. I get a cab to return home, and when I leave it, I remember I left my wallet and credit cards there. The cab driver just drives away.""I go home, and when I get there, I find my wife in bed with the gardener. I leave home, and come to this bar. And just when I was thinking about putting an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison."

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Well, as of this moment I don't have too much to go off on. I got my B12 shot, was prescribed vitamins (I am getting old - first time I've ever had to take vitamins - Kelly, shut it :P) and told another guy my life story, which left his mouth agape. I am coming to the conclusion that life is short. Yeah yeah yeah - so you all say you already know that...blah blah blah. I mean, really...what have I done in the past 33 years that is of any significance. I know I have 2 great kids that hopefully I'm helping to raise right, a great wife (but i can't take any credit there) and sure, I've been successful in the businesses I've started (who cares). I've had lots of "success" in my life, done lots of things and I guess I'm wondering what else there is. Where's the significance? I mean, now to do something bigger and better - it has to really be bigger and better - and why do I feel the need to do that? Why is my personality the way it is? Anyway, not looking for answers so much as just putting down my thoughts...I know you'd all respond with a "God" answer. That's not really where I am coming from, I don't think. I've had 4 different people tell me they think I'm clinically depressed (2 of those have the credentials to make me stop and think). But I don't agree. I just think I'm trying to do bigger and better (or at least look for it) and it's wearing me out. Even though I know this, I still don't necessarily want to stop. Oh well...

So, as for the picture...that's kind of how I feel right now...looking up through the whirlwind and trying to focus on the end game or what's ahead or whatever. At least "it" seems closer now...not sure what "it" is specifically, just a part of the future...I think that's why I am having such a hard time. I usually have a big picture in mind, a goal or an overall agenda with what I'm moving toward...I don't really have that right now and I think that may be what's bothering me...and that is making it even harder to focus...

Hopefully this wasn't too much of a ramble fest...just needed to put it down so I can look back on it later. I am going to bed - I have to go to Seattle tomorrow for a week. Happy, happy, joy, joy...I'm sure I'll get some good things to post about...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sissy, eh?

So – I thought about responding to Kelly’s little sissy remark…but thought better of it (I figured she wouldn’t be able to take it - plus I ran about 5 miles and am feeling good before typing this). I figured the debut WaxOnWaxOff should be nice, fun and interesting. Besides, I really don’t feel like ripping on Kelly right now anyway…I think it’s enough punishment for her to be white, female & overseas in a Muslim country. Hahahahaha

So, here’s a neat little fact that you probably didn’t know…

Pfizer sells about 9 Viagra pills every second. Before the “little blue pill” became so popular, it was meant to be a treatment for hypertension and angina. It failed as a treatment for those conditions. The scientists at Pfizer were ready to call it quits on the drug when they started noticing an odd side-effect during testing…yep, they decided to remarket it as you know it today.

And that’s the truth, straight up.

PS - 3 days of blogging in a row...I'm even a little impressed myself... :P And Yes, it is 6:30am.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

today's 2fer

1 - last night I grilled 40 hamburgers and ~40 hot dogs for a cookout at the girls house. It was raining and I burnt my hand, but it was a good time. There were a lot of people who showed up even though the weather was bad. It was funny because I also ruined 2 of their spatulas b/c they were plastic. Maybe for Christmas I'll get them a grilling kit. ;) I haven't been by there since - I'm hoping my yard isn't ruined...hahahaha

2 - I think I know what's wrong with me. (ok, insert your witty retort here)
No, not that.... ;) Some of you know that I've been having problems lately being moody, forgetful, a bit spastic, etc. Well, seems my doc caught on to something that makes sense. I am Vitamin B12 deficient. The normal range for B12 in you is between 200-900. My B12 is 230, which means I'm not dead and don't have any diseases, but it is super low. So, I have to schedule a time to get injected with some B12. Good Times. ;)

Oh well, just thought I'd share.

Monday, September 04, 2006

time to think...

In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.
- Leo Tolstoy

Today is Labor Day and it's a sad day in the world. I'm sure you heard that Steve Irwin died today while filming a new underwater documentary. Steve Irwin, in case you didn't know, was the famed "Crocodile Hunter". He was 44. He died totally doing what he loved and I don't believe he had too many regrets with what he did and made of his life. This has me thinking...

Do I take breaks and stop work and look around? Am I doing what I love? Do I enjoy life to the fullest? Will I have any regrets later on in life? Do I appreciate what I have?

Not sure...but I do know this, I am going to start enjoying life more and enjoying what I have more. Are you?

Friday, September 01, 2006

a new era...

So, the rabbit thing yesterday got me to thinking. How much stuff happens to me that is interesting in some way? How much stuff can I share to display my witt, thoughtfulness, charm and general positive attitude? How much bad attitude can I share? I don't know the answers to those questions, but I do know that like sand through the hourglass, these are the Days of Our Lives (hahahah). I decided to step up the blogging thing. If you notice, I am no longer advertising for ifrogz. I changed the look to let everyone know what they can expect when they come to my blog on any given day. I am going to attempt to keep this updated every day (starting Monday, btw) and stick to the themes above. I got up at 4:30a this morning, ran about 5 miles, went to a 7a meeting and for whatever weird reason am motivated to overachieve today, so with that in mind, I am doing this. Now, I will go into definitions for the themes, so you can know what to expect - and hopefully enjoy. ;)

motivational monday - monday's you will find either a quote, statement, etc. that should help get you through the day/week whatever. Some will be serious, some funny, some real, some fake - one day it could be winston churchill and another it could be jack handy (oh yeah, don't let the names fool you into thinking this is all going to be super serious or touchy feely - you know me better than that).

twofer tuesday - I believe you are all familiar with this since I have done it in the past. Plus, many of you have done it too. I'll just be sharing 2 things from the day, week, whatever with you.

WaxOnWaxOff Wednesday - this is your opportunity to shine. During the week, through my comments i will be looking for a good topic that i can write about. you wax on, i wax off. For example, let's say you leave a comment on motivational monday about the author of a quote. Well, Wednesday could be a short bio on that author. Or on funny friday, you make fun of what I put down. Wednesday I'll make fun of you. ;)

therapudic thursday - this is my day to rant and rave - simple as that.

funny friday - this will highlight things I've found humorous, either directly affecting me or directly effecting me. heheh

serious saturday - i know, i know...if there's one day that may get left off here and there it will be this one. But I will attempt to post things sincere and serious and thought-provoking. a strech, i know....

sonnet sunday - YES! I am looking forward to this. I will astound and amaze you with original poetry. It could be short or long - whatever I'm in the mood for. Hopefully most of it will rhyme, but if not I am going to now declare artistic creativity, so if it doesn't rhyme, it means it's ok. ;)

So - there you have it. I hope you enjoy! Any suggestions, let me know.