Sunday, November 27, 2005

832, 10-7.

What a weird title.

Anyway, fyi that's been my badge number for the last 5 years with the sheriff's office and 10-7 is the code you use when going off duty. I sent in my official resignation tonight and I am out of law enforcement. I may get back into it later, and that option is available to me, but for now - i just don;t have the time and interest I used to. It's been a great ride, I've seen and done more than most people could or would want to, to tell you the truth. "Cops" does nothing for the real stuff that goes on and physically being involved in it is even more of a rush than seeing it on TV. I've seen funny stuff, smart stuff and very dumb stuff. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people are. And they're not always the "bad" guys either - some things are just dumb becuase they aren't thought through or because they're a bit ironic.

Take something I saw today for example which was quite funny. #2 and I were out Christmas shopping and decided to get get some stuff for people at Target. When we walked in the front door, we noticed the security guard (no i'm not going to slam the security guard) standing there. The presence of security is usually a good thing and it is in this case too, but what was funny was that his uniform was a nice dress blue (not fatigues) with the shiny badge and all, but on his sleeves were "Target Security" patches, instead of department patches. I started laughing out loud and #2 asked me what was so funny - instead of a badge or star or something "normal" in the patch, there was a big "target" symbol. I told #2, "how appropriate for the security to be a walking target, literally". You really have to see this for yourself at your local target (if they do it there) - it is funny. Like the badge isn;t enough to shoot at, there are "targets" on the side too.

Anyway, not to make a huge blog - i just thought i'd let you in on something that happened today.

Friday, November 25, 2005

T-day +1

OK - after sufficiently stuffing myself yesterday at my aunt's house with her soporific turkey (yesss, again a word of the day...!)- of which i really didn't eat too much... ;) - we went to my dad's to say hi and he wasn't home...oh well, c'est la vie (foreign word phrase of the day - haha).

I have discussed new business ventures with the consort, and I'm not sure if i want to do it or not. It is minimal investment and high returns...but, yes, there's a bit of work involved...always the downside of things.... However, i have found a way to spend all that extra money..hahaha - i went a rode a Yamaha YZ250F Motorcross bike today that i think i may get. It's in pretty good shape, with some upgrades etc. on it and it rides really well. I'm going to go look at another one this afternoon, and there's a KTM 125SX that i want to go look at also.

And, if any of you out there know of someone who wants to get rid of a little honda XR50, or CRF50 I would be interested in hearing about it. ;)

I also just helped sekondstory finish up her thank you letter that some of you will be getting soon. She designed it and everything, i just had to put it together for her. Real quick, but it looks pretty decent. :) I think she gets more comments because she's a better writer than me...and to think, i'm working on a book...hahahaha -maybe i'll get her to ghost write it for me....

Oh, about the didn't know that? Yeah I'm writing a children's book (i'm not smart enough for the adult books) - i don't really have a subject, plot or title...but i'm working on it....HAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

SNOW etc

Not sure why i put etc., but it did snow a bit yesterday and last night. It was nice looking this morning though, through the crepuscular haze about the backyard (yes i can use words of the day too-hahaha). Stupid cold though.

Tomorrow is Turkey Day and I've lost 20 lbs over the past few months and hopefully i won't gain it back. ;) I don;t really eat as much as i used to, so i don't think it will be a problem. Anyway, i have a couple of really good ideas for a new business and i'm thinking of starting one - i'm just not sure if it wil go well while working full time...although i think i may be able to manage it. It could be big...or not. hahaha - anyway, i'm not the one who has the final say - I'll have to consult with my consort...ooooohhhhhhhh - 2 words of the day. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Today was a good day...

OK - 1st we all got up and went to a pretty good pancake breakfast at Applebee's which was a fund raiser for a local private school. Then we went to our local holiday parade. And after that was when the real fun started. Luke and I went shopping for new bikes. We're both wanting a new one and we went looking around to see what was out there and to see how much they would be. We went to several places and i think we're both set on what we want. For Luke, the Honda CRF50F 4stroke will definately suit him and be the best one for him. We can get a 2006 one for the same price as a used one 3-4 years old...and I found a used Suzuki DRZ400 - still thinking about that one. not sure if that's the one i want...but Luke's found his.

Dad came by today too and we went and looked at some more bikes and went by the harley shop and he found a bike there - i think he's actually going to get it Monday...crazy. Anyway, right now 'ol #2 is watching a where are they now type thing on vh1 and she's ogling over little ricky shroeder and the now bigger rick schroeder (if i even spelled that right). Anyway, too bad i don't look anything like him. hahahahhah

oh no...the dog is now in the house....100+lbs just jumped on me...crap...

gotta go

Friday, November 18, 2005


i am sure of one thing....i sure do miss my garage....

Thursday, November 17, 2005


wow - now there are 4 people who have seen this and i haven't even advertised it....

ok - just to keep you updated on the house thing...our lot for building may be too narrow for the house we actually liked so we are now having to go through another design/plan process, but that's ok, it'll probably turn out to be better. i found out today that i can get our house in the dry for $12-$13ft - that includes plans and labor etc. i think this is a good deal...although i could be wrong. Anyway, that's to keep you updated on that.

I really have created a blog monster! sekondstory is going crazy with this. Oh well, it will be realy cool when i don't have to do everything on it for her...HAHAHHAHAAHA. She's telling her friends they need to get one and i'll probably wind up helping them too. ;) which is ok, btw.

I don't even know what to type on here....hmmmmmmm

here's something...


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


for those of you (yes both of you) interested in learning about sekondstory's recent trip to africa - she is posting it just now. Check it out...


hehe - now that i added my pic (with my new surfboard) i guess it's a bit small. Oh well, it is me.

Tomorrow i'm going to get a rough estimate on the framing cast for the new house - hopefully it won;t be too much and we can start on it soon. :)


whoops - now you can post comments....


i think i have created a monster. i showed sekondstory how to use blogger and now i think she's going to be using it all the time. Good for her :) i think she'll go realy well at it.

As for this post, i need to have something on here because hers is outperforming mine. hahahaha
plus she's getting all the posts. ;)

Monday, November 14, 2005


yea, after being in Los Angeles, Tampa, Maui (great surf) and Phoenix I'm finally home. And the sekondstory is back from South Africa and Botswana. Crazy. Getting ready for Turkey Day.