Sunday, August 26, 2007

talk like a pirate day

So, I just found out that Sept. 19th is International "Talk like a Pirate" day. Well, that's pretty darn cool. However, most people just aren't cool enough to be able to talk like a much as you don't want to believe it, it is true. SO...being the cool guy that I am, I am here to give you a little help on talking like a pirate, so when Sept 19th rolls around, you won't look like an idiot trying to talk like a pirate but sounding like crocodile dundee (if you even know who that is...).

Let's begin.

1 - This site gives you some basics on talking like a pirate along with some pickup lines and even so pirate speak in other languages...

2 - This site (my fav) not only provides an "English to Pirate" Translator, but if you have OSX, you can download the widget and always have it with me. ;) heh heh


So, I jus' found out that Sept. 19th be International "Talk like a Pirate" day. Well, that's pretty darn cool. However, most scallywags jus' aren't cool enough t' be able t' natter like a much as ye don't wants t' believe it, 'tis true. SO...bein' th' cool scallywag that I be, I be here t' give ye a little help on natterin' like a pirate, so when Sept 19th furls around, ye won't look like an idiot tryin' t' natter like a pirate but soundin' like crocodile dundee (if ye even know who that be...).

Let's begin.

1 - This site gives ye some basics on natterin' like a pirate along wit' some pickup lines 'n even so pirate speak in other languages...

2 - This site (me fav) nah only provides an "English t' Pirate" Translator, but if ye 'ave OSX, ye can loot th' widget 'n always 'ave it wit' me. ;) heh heh

OK - so I hope ye've got a month t' get t' it.

See how fun?

Friday, August 24, 2007

you get to see it first...

new promo teaser for a regional sized airport...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

my ears are abot to fall off...

so ryan seacrest played britney spear's new single today. Well, I listened and almost died. It sucks.

i had no idea...

So I just saw where Apple is selling refurbished iPhones. So that makes me think about a couple of things...

A - Out of the phones they sold, were there really that many that were bad that needed to be fixed? I wonder if the smudges are off the screens...

B - If you could wait a month you save $100 off an iPhone. If you wait another month will it be $200 off?

C - Will Apple come out with an upgrade or new version later this year or early next year?

Oh well, I don't have one and until they get on Verizon's network I won't get one. I'm so stubborn...Year's ago I swore off BellSouth, which became Cingular, which became AT&T. They made me so mad on a billing issue I dropped them cold Turkey. Of course I swore off SprintPCS as well (I used them for 6 months, no coverage), which means I won't ever use Nextel. Everyone knows they suck anyway. What else have I swore off? hmmmm. I swore off Honda. My Passport was a piece of junk and I got rid of it swearing off Honda's to never buy one again. And I won't. I swore off Microsoft Windows after using a Mac. Once you go Mac, you never go back. I do feel very sorry for those of you out there who still have to use a Microsoft OS. Bummer. Go to an Apple store, play around, you'll see what I mean... I swore off Schwinn. Their bikes suck. Wow...that was back in the 8th grade too. Oh well, not missed them. Gosh I could go on and on...but I won't bore you.

Now that I think of it...I did have a Honda after I swore them off...however it was given to me, but it was a fine car, a Prelude. I do have a Windows PC at home still, even though that's on my list. But I didn't buy it. I guess I would use an iPhone if somebody paid for the service for me...

any takers? I'll call you on it... heh

Monday, August 20, 2007

thank you!

Thanks to all of you who have wished me a happy birthday! Much appreciated. If you hadn't noticed, check out 2nd's blog for pics etc of the race this past sat. Got another one we're doing this sat which should be super fun... wish us luck!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Home Depot Sucks...

yes, you read right. The Home Depot sucks. So, i kinda knew nobody really shopped there and i had heard rumors that their customer service was awful, but i didn't believe it. Until today. I had to get some extra keys made for our rental house so the girls could get in since I changed the locks. Well, I went to home depot thinking it would be quicker than Lowe's since the parking lot is always empty. I found out why it's always empty. In order to have 6 keys made, I waited at the key making kiosk for 10 minutes, then went to customer service who said they'd page someone. Waited another 10 minutes, never heard the page. Went back to the desk. They forgot to page. They then paged, waited 5 minutes after that...still no one. So i went across the street to Lowe's, went inside and up to their key making kiosk. waited 2 minutes (1 person was in front of me), got my six keys made and was out the door in a total of 6 minutes.

I will never go to The Home Depot again.

Lowe's Rules.

Yes, you can quote me on that.

Monday, August 13, 2007

absoulely amazing

this video is awesome. i don't care who you are or what you think. this video is amazing, and the words couldn't ring truer.

Friday, August 10, 2007

random stuff

i know i just posted the video below...and thanks sara, not kyle. heh. Anyway I was going through some pics on my phone and thought i should post them...

I had no idea this is what dallas theological seminary looked like.

heh - that's a joke, btw.

also, i decided to treat some people in the building to lunch today.

I took lee, kevin and jennifer to lunch at...the bank. ;) it was cust appreciation day with free hot dogs etc. too funny.

the vp called me and said, "it's free food day, bring some people and get them to get accounts with us. hahahaahah." so i did. ;) heh heh good times.

lots of people there, like a picnic. jennifer btw is lee's secret desire. oops i guess it's not so secret anymore. sorry lee. ;p hahahahahah plus i love the pic of kevin taking picture of me while i'm taking a picture of him taking a picture of me taking a picture of him...well you get the idea....

mac or pc?

thanks to kyle for sending me this...great.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

almost famous...

hahahaha - now this is funny. check it out. Look toward the middle right and watch the vids. I had no idea I made so many odd facial expressions when I talked... hahahahahah

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Communist China Taking Over the U.S.

Yes. I've had this theory for sometime now and have today decided to post it up on my blog for some of you to read. First, let me say that I love all people, regardless of color, race, religion etc. I am not picking just to be picking. In fact I have friends who are from China. So, with all that PC crap out of the way, I will indulge.

Not to even bother talking about the Crusades, etc. (which will never be over either), I want to pick up with the cold war. The Cold War is not over. It never will be. How Socialism and Communism are encroaching on our everyday life in the Sates, has been an interesting process to watch. I am in the process of putting all of this together in a book for you to enjoy...but until it is ready, I will take a break and talk about the secret Communist invasion that will develop through China. Or, our trading with China I should say. More specifically, Chinese food. Yes, Chinese food. I want to make a statement here and let you discuss, leave comments, etc.

1. The Communists and Socialists (like the militant Muslims are/will do) slip into the US, low-key, under radar and wait. For Years. The socialists and communists are just now becoming more wielding in power through the media, politics and other avenues. Even in business (yes I'm referring to that damned IKEA store -see previous post about ikea).

2. They remain unassuming, even apologetic for things. After several years of plotting and indoctrinating (even unassuming people who do not know better) they come out, slowly, with sugar coated plans (and food) and even those unassuming people (who would otherwise be against communism and socialism) are on the bandwagon.

3. People think nothing of conducting business with these people, the communists and socialists. Heck, some people will even work for them not knowing any better because they seem like such nice people. It doesn't just include buying goods, but also foods. People begin to frequent the restaurants that are run by communists and socialists.

4. In the stores, goods (which are normally crap - IKEA for example)are bought with lots of money by honest Americans and it is wasted due to the extremely high markups on foreign goods. Or should dare I say, goes to help fund communist and socialist agends without the honest Americans knowledge.

5. But, in the restaurants, yes, the restaurants, is where the greatest dilemma lies. Let's say a certain communist country provides all kinds of food to certain eating establishments in the US. And the food that is sent to these establishments is laced with something bad. Whatever you can think of. And that food is then prepared and served to millions of unassuming Americans over a given week. Then that country decides to pick up arms and invade (during that sick week of course). What would happen then? Would it be too late? Would we be able to recover as a nation? Hmmmm?

So all this came about because I once joked about ow China would take over the US through Chinese restaurants making everyone sick, then just walking around taking everything over. Just a little humor for you.

Or is it?,2933,292470,00.html

Saturday, August 04, 2007

wtf? how much more crap can be on TV?

so, I'm in dallas with some friends (pruitt's) and Steve and I are kinda excited about this new ABC show - Masters of Science Fiction. So, if you've heard of it, it's supposed to be the new Twilight Zone, or better actually, and is showcased with stars and a cool storyline etc. Well it sucks. And I don't mean, "yeah, I don't like it. It sucks." I mean "WTF? Who in the hell hired these people to write this show and why did ANYONE put it on the air?" That kind of sucks. The only action so far, within the first 40 minutes has been flashing lights. This doctor major whatever, has threatened to kill the LA LAW guy (i guess he's the president) two or three times, but doesn't do anything about it. And oh yeah, the whole earth is decimated. STUPID. The best thing I've seen so far on this show is the commercial for the new Pepsi energy ginseng drink. What a clever commercial to insert into the lineup. All the people in it were yawning, as was I, but not because of the commercial mind you, because of the show. This stupid, shouldn't be on TV, show.

I'm actually starting to miss "America's Funniest Home Videos". Well, at least there's like a gajillion channels to choose from so I don't have to watch this crap again.

ok - I gues that's enough for now, just had to get it out.

Friday, August 03, 2007


if you didn't see this last night... holy cow!