Tuesday, October 31, 2006

today's 2fer

1 - In celebration of my new career direction, I went running this morning and got my best time on my 5K with "the hill" at my house. 25:00.61 - ahh yeah - that's pretty good for me here. i can't wait until the race on turkey day in NC where it's all flat. I hope I can shave over a minute off my time at least.

2 - I am having the hardest time ever in deciding what kind of phone to get. i was talking to Steffany today (who is my verizon rep) and she made the statement, "I think you've tried or had every phone we carry." I said, "you know, I think you're right." there are maybe a couple I haven't, like the Q and KRAZR. I know I don't want the KRAZR (too many fingerprints) and the jury is still out on the Q. I'm afraid it will be like my TREO 700w - cool gadget, but aweful phone.

Oh well, any thoughts, please let me know. ;)

Monday, October 30, 2006

good thoughts

Don't ever confuse the two, your life and your work. That's what I have to say. The second is only a part of the first.
~Anna Quindlen, A Short Guide to a Happy Life, 2000(1953 - )

Seeing how today is the last day of my current job, I found this quote very fitting. And it is true. Since starting out in the biz world being self-employed, it is a natural tendency for me to feel that life and work are the same. Of course, with the job I am finishing, I have come to realize that it's not. People want to know me for me, not because of work. Which is cool. It has been hard over the past few months declining job offers from various places because I felt that it would be hard to separate life and my then current work. I now feel totally relieved about my journey into my new venture/position (which a month or so ago, I didn't).

I'm sure I will go into more detail in the days/weeks to come, but felt I had to share this. ;)

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Yellow green red and brown
Winter’s coming, sure enough
Pretty soon we’ll be seeing the white stuff
The leaves are changing all over town

Seasons come and seasons go
Soon people will play in snow and ice
Coming into a warm house will be very nice
The seasons behind us we should let go

The future brings us something new
Like springtime flowers among the dew

hahahahaha - can you believe it? i actually followed the true "sonnet" rules...hahahaha

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Monday is my last day at my current job :) i will fill you all in later as to what I'm doing next...tre cool ;) sometimes things are laid in your lap that you have to pursue.

Friday, October 27, 2006

101(2) ways to annoy people

1. Sing the Batman theme incessantly.
2. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sensual massage."
3. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go."
4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with friends in public consisting entirely of "Beeeep Bip Bip Beeep Bip..."
5. If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others.
6. Amuse yourself for endless hours by hooking a camcorder to your TV and then pointing it at the screen.
7. Speak only in a "robot" voice.
8. Push all the flat Lego pieces together tightly.
9. Start each meal by conspicuously licking all your food, and announce that this is so no one will "swipe your grub".
10. Leave the copy machine set to reduce 200%, extra dark, 17 inch paper, 98 copies.
11. Stomp on little plastic ketchup packets.
12. Sniffle incessantly.
13. Leave your turn signal on for fifty miles.
14. Name your dog "Dog."
15. Insist on keeping your car windshield wipers running in all weather conditions "to keep them tuned up."
16. Reply to everything someone says with "that's what YOU think."
17. Claim that you must always wear a bicycle helmet as part of your "astronaut training."
18. Declare your apartment an independent nation, and sue your neighbors upstairs for "violating your airspace".
19. Forget the punchline to a long joke, but assure the listener it was a "real hoot."
20. Follow a few paces behind someone, spraying everything they touch with Lysol.
21. Practice making fax and modem noises.
22. Highlight irrelevant information in scientific papers and "cc:" them to your boss.
23. Make beeping noises when a large person backs up.
24. Invent nonsense computer jargon in conversations, and see if people play along to avoid the appearance of ignorance.
25. Erect an elaborate network of ropes in your backyard, and tell the neighbors you are a "spider person."
26. Finish all your sentences with the words "in accordance with the prophesy."
27. Wear a special hip holster for yourremote control.
28. Do not add any inflection to the end of your sentences, producing awkward silences with the impression that you'll be saying more any moment.
29. Signal that a conversation is over by clamping your hands over your ears.
30. Disassemble your pen and "accidentally" flip the ink cartridge across the room.
31. Give a play-by-play account of a persons every action in a nasal Howard Cosell voice.
32. Holler random numbers while someone is counting.
33. Adjust the tint on your TV so that all the people are green, and insist to others that you "like it that way."
34. Drum on every available surface.
35. Staple papers in the middle of the page.
36. Ask 1-800 operators for dates.
37. Produce a rental video consisting entirely of dire FBI copyright warnings.
38. Sew anti-theft detector stripsinto peoples backpacks.
39. Hide dairy products in inaccessible places.
40. Write the surprise ending to a novel on its first page.
41. Set alarms for random times.
42. Order a side of pork rinds with your filet mignon.
43. Instead of Gallo, serve Night Train next Thanksgiving.
44. Publicly investigate just how slowly you can make a "croaking" noise.
45. Honk and wave to strangers.
46. Dress only in clothes colored Hunters Orange.
47. Change channels five minutes before the end of every show.
48. Tape pieces of "Sweating to the Oldies" over climactic parts of rental movies.
49. Wear your pants backwards.
50. Decline to be seated at a restaurant, and simply eat their complimentary mints by the cash register.
51. Begin all your sentences with "ooh la la!"
53. only type in lowercase.
54. dont use any punctuation either
55. Buy a large quantity of orange traffic cones and reroute whole streets.
56. Pay for your dinner with pennies.
57. Tie jingle bells to all your clothes.
58. Repeat everything someone says, as a question.
59. Write "X - BURIED TREASURE" in random spots on all of someone's roadmaps.
60. Inform everyone you meet of your personal Kennedy assassination/UFO/ O.J Simpson conspiracy theories.
61. Repeat the following conversation a dozen times: "Do you hear that?" "What?" "Never mind, its gone now."
62. Light road flares on a birthday cake.
63. Wander around a restaurant, asking other diners for their parsley.
64. Leave tips in Bolivian currency.
65. Demand that everyone address you as "Conquistador."
66. At the laundromat, use one dryer for each of your socks.
67. When Christmas caroling, sing "Jingle Bells, Batman smells" until physically restrained.
68. Wear a cape that says "Magnificent One."
69. As much as possible, skip rather than walk.
70. Stand over someone's shoulder, mumbling, as they read.
71. Pretend your computer's mouse is a CB radio, and talk to it.
72. Try playing the William Tell Overture by tapping on the bottom of your chin. When nearly done, announce "no, wait, I messed it up," and repeat.
73. Drive half a block.
74. Inform others that they exist only in your imagination.
75. Ask people what gender they are.
76. Lick the filling out of all the Oreos, and place the cookie parts back.
77. Cultivate a Norwegian accent. If Norwegian, affect a Southern drawl.
78. Routinely handcuff yourself to furniture, informing the curious that you don't want to fall off "in case the big one comes".
79. Deliberately hum songs that will remain lodged in co-workers brains, such as "Feliz Navidad", the Archies "Sugar" or the Mr. Rogers theme song.
80. While making presentations, occasionally bob your head. like a parakeet.
81. Lie obviously about trivial things such as the time of day.
82. Leave your Christmas lights up and lit until September.
83. Change your name to "AaJohn Aaaaasmith" for the great glory of being first in the phone book. Claim it's a Hawaiian name, and demand that people pronounce each "a."
84. Sit in your front yard pointing a hair dryer at passing cars to see if they slow down.
85. Chew on pens that you've borrowed.
86. Wear a LOT of cologne.
87. Listen to 33rpm records at 45rpm speed, and claim the faster speed is necessary because of your "superior mental processing." 88. Sing along at the opera.
. Mow your lawn with scissors.
90. At a golf tournament, chant "swing-batabatabata-suhWING-batter!"
91. Ask the waitress for an extra seat for your "imaginary friend."
92. Go to a poetry recital and ask why each poem doesn't rhyme.
93. Ask your co-workers mysterious questions, and then scribble their answers in a notebook. Mutter something about "psychological profiles."
94. Stare at static on the TV and claim you can see a "magic picture."
95. Select the same song on the jukebox fifty times.
96. Never make eye contact.
97. Never break eye contact.
98. Construct elaborate "crop circles" in your front lawn.
99. Construct your own pretend "tricorder," and "scan" people with it, announcing the results.
100. Make appointments for the 31st of September.
101. Invite lots of people to other people's parties.
102. Copy this and send it to as many people as you can (hahahaha - i added that one ~ t ) ;)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Vegas Pix

OK - long overdue but here they are...

First, my room...and yes, flatscreens and an LCD in the mirror in the bathroom (way cool).

City Shots...

I sorta stopped taking pics after i realized i didn't have a card. sorry.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the smoke is not a problem...repeat, not a problem

oh the joys of hearing that come over the loudspeaker while sitting in the plane as it starts up.

let me back up...

first in LV yesterday, I met up with Jeremy, a buddy of mine from here (actually a really good friend). he happened to be out there for another conference and we had dinner and hung out and lost some money on the slot machines...hahahahaha too fun! I get to the airport afterwards and my flight was out ay 1045p. so we board and I sleep. Prett boring. i get to the ATL this morning at 5a and have to wait until 9a for my flight home. Which I do...I wait patiently. not too many people to watch either. I think that was the first time I have been there and I was pretty much the only person there except for some maint people. Oh well, time to board for the flight. I get on, sit down with everyone else and tey start the engines to go. The left engine busts out in a big cloud of gray/black smoke. The engines keep running. The smoke keeps appearing. The captain comes over the loud speaker and says, "You may be noticing the smoke coming out of the left engine. Well, this is perfectly normal. It's kind of like having a bad plug in your car, and you let it rn for a sec and it's ok." What? First, i thought a bad plug would prevent you from really starting your car and second I fly all the time - literally and I have NEVER seen this. Needless to say, I just put my iPod in my ears and closed my eyes and went to sleep. I figured if we're going to crash once we take off, I might as well go ahead and go to sleep. hahahaha well, you guessed it, we didn't crash. ;) anyway, very interesting. So, now I can add to my list of flight occurances (which include getting struck by lightning while in the air) the smoking engine phenomenon.

My motto will continue to be - any landing you can walk away from is a good one. hahahaha

Oh yeah, i should be able to put up pics tomorrow. yeah!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2fer + rant

1 - I Have a new favorite drink. ;) Also I'm pretty sure I bumped into Erika (i think is her name) from the bigbrother show yesterday in my hallway. I didn't ask, but she sure did look and sound like her.
2 - I was at the best dance club last night i have ever been to. The music was awesome - didn't even leave until 2a - had no idea what time it was - when we realized what time it was we all were baffled - it went by sooo fast.

rant - i am at a freakin technology conference and NOBODY has a memory card for my phone - unbelievable!

Monday, October 23, 2006

making friends...

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.
~Dale Carnegie

I agree this is true. I have made many friends this way and spent this evening with some of them. We have had a blast in LV. Hanging out at the MGM (where I got upgraded to the West Wing - tre cool) and the Wynn, which is so cool it has a Ferrari store. ;) Oh well...Tomorrow should be just as fun!!!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

catchup and vegas

Yep – so I know I need to make up for missing yesterday so here goes.

First, I have lost my memory card out of my phone and I am so ticked. I am typing this on the airplane while listening to my ipod and I wanted to get pics and stuff ready and now I can’t. Oh this ticks me off beyond belief. No pics of my trip until I get back, or unless I can get one while I’m here. Which I probably can. Anyway, yesterday…

First we got up in the morning and went to a pancake breakfast with my mom (which was funny because I learned the “pancake” dance the other day when I was teaching the crunk). We ate and then got on the road and went to NC to drop the kiddos off at the other mom’s and by 10:30/11ish we were off to see this thing called a football game. Well, it was great, we got there and got our “usual” spot, which is a good spot, btw, and got some food and some “Beat BAMA” buttons, which I did wear (seeing as how the tide is my #2 team). It was an exciting game, for sure! And we had awesome seats! And they were cheap…way cool. The only problem I had was this super obnoxious guy who sat right beside me second guessing every call made and wanting to take over the team. He was about my age, and I am guessing that he’d never even played football in his whole life. He didn’t even know the plays he was talking about or the calls the officials were making etc., saying, they’re giving the wrong signals for such and such – the whole game. Now I know there was bad officiating (at least according to all the people around us), but every play throughout the whole game? Doubt it. We left at the end of the game and drove back to NC to pick up the kids and then got home late and went to bed. Which was nice, yesterday was a long day (which explains the non-post). I got up this morning, and had to get ready (and pack…hahahah) for my trip. I will be back sometime weds., so another whirlwind…should be fun. I was even planning on taking a new cell phone t try out while I was away (a new Mobile 5.0 phone) but I forgot it and am still using my treo (which sucks still…don’t buy one – at least not the windows one – I don’t know about the palm version, but then again, I don’t know why anyone would still be using one of those anymore since they’re a bit outdated. Oh, yeah, I do actually. They work and the phone part probably works well….hahahaha enough of my tirade).

So, if I get a new mem card soon, I will put up pics of the game…I also have a cool video too I’ll try to post. The whole crowd is chanting “you suck, BAMA” instead of like “let’s go, BAMA”, which was funny and when we scored the TD the place erupted…like a little MT ST Helens. Hahahahha

And now, drum roll please……….

It’s actually Sunday so it’s time for a little rhyme:

Sitting in the plane, earphones on
Listening to the surf punks “Party bomb”

A nice collection of fast, witty tunes
Enjoying a remake of “beat on the brat”
About another hour, should be landing soon
I’ll be in Vegas, viva itself
Fun in the desert, hope I don’t melt

Maybe I’ll come away with more cool swag
If not at least something to wipe my head, maybe a do-’rag.

I’m writing another book, did I tell you all that
About an average American and his big cowboy hat.

OK – song change to the offspring, gotta go
These guys rock, you need to see them at a show



Friday, October 20, 2006

funny (lookin) stuff

OK – yesterday I had to teach a bunch of high schoolers about leadership and part of that was myself being suckered in to teaching them how to crunk. You don’t know what crunking is? Well, it’s a style of dance (that I don’t know how to do) where you shake really fast and it is reminiscent of a seizure…hahahahaha Well, I had to get up in front of these kids and show them that it’s ok to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Well, there were pictures taken, but I haven’t seen them yet. When I get them, I’ll share. I think the only thing the kids learned while watching me attempt the crunk was that I am a dork…hahahahahahaha – we’ll see in the evaluations. ;)

Another funny thing is that I helped out electrician install some of our stuff at our house today...again, no pics…and again – I really didn’t know what I was doing…hahahahahahaha.

Tomorrow is the UT Bama game and I’m pumped…my 2 fav teams playing each other and we’re going…sweet.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I just know I'll get grief if I miss a day....

so there. ;)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I need to tell you this too

Last night i was suprised with my first ever spa treatment massage. Holy cow! (and I'm not talking about India here) - It was AWESOME!!! And what's even better is the girl that did said I need to some back regularly b/c it would be very beneficial. So I think I will. Now, lisa was there too and like it also. i think this will become a regular occurance...who knew there was such a high end spa here? go figure - I thought the closest was the one at Grove Park. Oh well...saves some drive time.


OK, so today I am actually in Virginia attending a conference about doing business with India. Why am I here? No Clue. Heheh - Other than to learn about international trade. This is actually part of their international Business Program at this college. Hopefully I will learn something. Wait I remember why I’m here. Free breakfast & lunch…yeah that’s why I agreed to come. Hahahaha What’s funny is that most of the companies here presenting are from Tennessee. Eastman, a company in Knoxville, and a couple from the Tri-Cities. So why is this in VA? Again, no clue. But I am about to learn all about India. The only thing I know so far is that they can’t drive. Here are a few facts on India:

Supposedly 5000 years old, 325 languages spoken, 29 states, 576B GDP, world’s largest democracy and 4th largest economy, largest English speaking nation in the world.

Just a couple of FYI’s for you. Hinduism, then Buddhism, then Christianity, then Muslim – is the order of religions that came into India. Used to be a British empire, too. Oh well, for more info feel free to look it up sometime. Pretty interesting. They also had the world’s first university. They developed navigation, supposedly invented medicine and surgery (like C-sections, artificial limbs, anesthesia, etc.).

Yoga – another thing from there, developed in sanskrit. But Yoga, misunderstood today. Also Martial Arts started in India. Kung Fu, began from an Indian monk. I didn’t even know that, and I studied a style of KungFu for a long time (Shao Lin Quan) – who knew?

OK – I’m getting tired of typing while they are talking…if anything else comes up interesting I’ll add it. ;)

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Maybe we'll go visit one day...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the two4

1 - Starbuck's Marble Mocha Macchiato is the best coffee drink they have! I have one almost every morning.

2 - ok - can only think of one thing today...except I'm doing something tonight...not sure what it's going to be...

Monday, October 16, 2006


Here's a whole new meaning for you if someone asks you if you "gambol" or not. I think it's funny considering next Monday I'll be in Vegas. ;)

(intransitive verb, noun)[GAM-bahl]
intransitive verb
1. to run and skip about playfully; frolic: "There are few sights that fill me with more silly joy sitting by the field, watching our lambs gambol."
2. an instance of running or skipping about playfully; playful leaping


Here's a whole new meaning for you if someone asks you if you "gambol" or not. I think it's funny considering next Monday I'll be in Vegas. ;)

(intransitive verb, noun)[GAM-bahl]
intransitive verb
1. to run and skip about playfully; frolic: "There are few sights that fill me with more silly joy sitting by the field, watching our lambs gambol."
2. an instance of running or skipping about playfully; playful leaping

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Today is pumpkin carving day
Lots of fun, a time to play
Orange goo all over our hands
Time to throw away 4 pairs of pants

Keeping the seeds and throw them in rows
In hopes of next year seeing some pumpkins grow
If they do, we’ll give you a hollar’
Cause we’ll be sitting beside the road selling them for 5 dollars


Saturday, October 14, 2006

busy morning

alright, today we went to a soccer game (and quickly left because it is aweful...I'll explain in a sec), then went to get pricing on cabinets and countertops (but would up buying our wood flooring...I'll explain in a sec), found out we're going to the UT Alabama game next week and had a HUGE lunch. ;)

1 - Soccer - Why do people who know nothing about Soccer or coaching, coach soccer? I don't know either. We went to Lib's soccer game this morning which is a 3-4-5 league (which I used to coach in for 3 years in a row) and there is a herd of 3-4-5 year olds running all over a field, a small field. And by herd I mean about 20 kids on it at once (10 for each team)! OK, when I played soccer there were 11 on a team and the field was bigger than a football field. The field they are playing on is an 8th of a normal field. So there are 8 fields they could be playing on, yes the others were empty. When I coached, we divied up the players to where there were 3, 4 max, on a side on a little field against 3 or 4 on the other side. Everyone got to play, and they were broken up into skill level which made it fun for everyone. The guy coaching now has absolutely no idea what he's doing. Oh, you ask..."why are you complaining. Go coach them yourself." Well, I probably will next year. Although it is hard for me being gone all the time to be here to coach. So, if my travel is slowed next year, i will coach. That being said, we got there this morning and it was the "herd" playing, so we left. Ridiculous.

2 - We then decided to go get pricing on countertops. Well, we already have a quote for some granite for the whole house (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) which is a great deal. We're getting it direct from China and avoiding the usual markup. ;) We just wanted to know how good of a deal we're getting. Well, it is awesome. We are getting real granite for right at the same price as formica. Insane. So we stopped that and decided to price cabinets. Well, we got a quote whic hwas nice and happened to notice the hardwood and laminate flooring. After looking around, we saw some closeout laminate in the corner and went to go look at it. Oh my. It was $3.69 a sqft and was marked down to $1.99 a sqft and it was NICE! 30yr wty, grooved grain, wide long planks...wow - all we could say. Well, We went ahead and bought enough for the whole 1st floor and got it for $1.69 a sqft (I know the people well at the store and they gave us a better deal). That included padding, etc. Amazing. The only reason it was discounted was because they didn't carry that manufaturer in store anymore. Wow. Insane. If they would have to order it again it would be at the $3.69 price...they just wanted to get rid of what they had, so I went ahead and got it while I could.

3 - Football - Lisa was asked today (by people we don't know) at work if we wanted tickets to the UT Alabama game on saturday. She called me, "Uh, duh? Yes, we want them." So, we are going next week. Now, i just have to decide what to wear. Crimson or Orange? hmmmmm...hahaha - I'll wear orange. i just hope it's a good game. ;)

4 - Lunch - It was a nice hearty Bojangle's lunch today. ummm, ummm, good. That's all I got to say about that.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Waffle house

Well, my boy's dream was to eat breakfast at a Waffle House. So today his dream came true. Since he was out of school we got up and went to chow down while the girls stayed at home. He was so excited he got the All-Start Breakfast which is pretty much everything; a waffle, 2 eggs, 4 pieces of toast, 2 pieces of sausage, grits, milk and jelly. Guess what? Yep. He ate almost every bit of it. Insane. Yes he is 7. I ordered the same thing and only got through about half. I think he literally ate his weight in food. HAHAHAHAHHA


Thursday, October 12, 2006


OK – first off, for all concerned…yes I am OK.

It was a sad day in NYC today. I was in the hotel on 43rd, while the crash was up in the 70’s about 30 blocks away. Cory Lidle who was a pitcher for the Yankees was in the plane that crashed into the condos. I really appreciate all the call and texts. Nice to know you all read my blog…hahaha – ok or work with me. ;)

So, not much else happened today…I met up woth some good friends of mine who live here, Steve and John – I see them at every conf I go to. They’re both older but a lot of fun. And I will be seeing them again in LV in a couple of weeks. The coolest thing though is that I won an Apple iPod (yes another one – that’s 4 or 5 now…I can’t remember) that’s a 30GB video model. Way Cool. Just in time for the airplane ride home…hahahahaha. Which is good because I left one of my nano’s at home. Oh well. Not too much going on today except for the plane crash. I am on my way home…hopefully the airport won’t be too delayed. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a funny story in the airport for tomorrow. heh

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Alright…well the weirdest/neatest things happen to me on these trips. So, yesterday, I’m at the airport checking in and who comes up in line behind me? My friend Daniel…we get to talking and we’re both going to NYC. He works for Viacom/MTV and sold his company to them. He’s here for a big video game promotion tomorrow and I’m here for my dinner. Know what’s even weirder…we’re staying at the same hotel. You may remember him from a previous post. We both live in the same small town, but only happen to run into each other in places like LA and NYC. Too Weird.

So, we get to NYC and his car is waiting for him and he’s like…c’mon you can ride with me – which is cool. We decide to go to the Rangers game (which was a great experience…Madison Square Garden) and had a blast! Well, the commissioner of the NHL was there (pic with Daniel) and so were some of the NY Mets sitting 2 rows over from us. Tom Glavine (above pic), Paul Lo Duca, and two other guys (can’t remember their names…oh well – I’m a Yankees fan, remember…) – anyway, everyone was trying to get autographs and pics etc. It was crazy! Needless to say the Rangers lost 4-2 to the Flyers. Oh well…early in the season…I wonder what will happen today?

I will let you know. ;)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

today's 2fer

1 - I am going to NYC today, leaving on a jet plane...yes I'll try to get some pics for you.

2 - Yes, I am going because I was invited because of some of my avhievements...awards, etc. hahahahahaha - OK - seriously I'll stop ... ;p hahahahahaha

Monday, October 09, 2006

some faves...

Well, most of you know I am a fan of Mark Twain, so to celebrate Columbus Day, I am giving you a few of my favortie comments from him. Enjoy.

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. "

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. "

"Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable. "

"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. "

"I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him. "

Oh, yeah...I have no idea what connection there is between Mark Twain and Columbus Day either. hahahahaha

Sunday, October 08, 2006

the bench

Along the path strangers pass
A lone wooden bench, waiting, in the grass
In hopes someone will stop and rest
To take a break from their woodsy quest

Surrounded by trees and woods all around
Patiently listening, not hearing a sound
Of someone who is tired, who wants to sit down

So the bench continues to wait
In hopes of one day having a mate


Saturday, October 07, 2006

your home is your castle

well, work on the house is moving along, albeit a bit slowly, but hey, it'll get done one day. I decided to put up some pics and a link to a tour of the house for you to download if you're interested. It's a bit dark, sorry.

What's funny is that one of our neighborhood kids came over yesterday and saw what was going on in the yard and said, "Oh Cool!!! You're going to have a moat around your house!" He was referring to the 5x8 ditch being dug around the house (it doesn't look that big inthe pics, but it is). Our moat. ;) Funny - it's the water/sewer, etc. stuff. But looking at it, it could be a moat. I can barely jump across it, but I did. ;)

Anyway, enjoy the updated pics and vid. BTW the vid is 6MB.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Well, yesterday was a unique experience. We were chosen to be the cover shot of a magazine coming out next month and also in some ads in some other mags like Southern home living, etc. The guy taking the pics was pretty funny and was actually the "official" state photographer (he works for the Dept of tourism). So I asked him if that was like being the state bird. Everyone thought that was pretty funny. And then I asked them why they chose us...I mean we're not professional models or anything (wow - and yes it really is hard work to keep looking good while you're sweating...hahahaha). He replied, "Well it was either you guys or another model who was available, and I didn't feel like he would make a good cover shot."
"Really?", I asked. "Why not?"
"Let's just say he was a little over the top...". and then he proceeded to show me the picture of the guy.

OK - enough said...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

feel good about yourself...at least you're not in this video

For Therapeutic Thursday (and yes, I know it’s spelled wrong above in the box), if you’re felling bad…just watch this video and you won’t feel bad anymore. Gosh, were things really this cheesy in the 80’s?

A Wendy's employee video on how to make those burgers of ultimate ectasy. Truly weird and funny.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"I can't drive 55..."

yes, i know you can hear Sammy Hagar's voice in your head - screaming out the song...Well, I can relate to it...however, this is not going to be ablut me. It's Weds, so it's time to go off.

It all begins yesterday evening...
Last night, Lisa & I were on our way to a fundraiser at the racetrack and are heading toward the interstate when, from out of nowhere, this ford crown vic careens out from the side of the road across 2 lanes of traffic like a bat out of hell right in front of us. Lisa goes "Is that a cop?" I say "No, it's not."
"Well, are you sure? It looks like an unmarked cop car."
"No, it's not. I did that for about 6 years...definately not a cop, nor a cop car."
During this conversation, the car proceeds to slow down...to like 30mph, on a 45mph road. There is nowhere he would be turning off. So, knowing it's not a police car, I get on his bumper. ;) To help push him along...

Understand, we don't want to be late to this thing we are going to. We're dressed up, it's a political fundraiser for a friend of mine, we paid to go and I wanted to be there.

The guy looks up in his rearview mirror at me and sees me really close. "Aha", I say, "He sees me and will speed up." - Nope. He SLOWS DOWN EVEN MORE. Now we are at 20mph. I get a good look at him. It is an old man. Obviously senile and too old to drive. But he was playing the game. If he was in a Buick, I would have overlooked the whole incident (you know my love for Buicks), but he wasn't even smart enough to get a Buick. He was driving a Ford...anyway, after what seems to be forever (literally, 10 minutes on what should be a 2 minute drive), we pull up to the interstate, to a 2 lane on ramp. I get beside him, look at him and rev my engine...he does the same. The light turns green and I floor it. HE DOES TOO! I tell Lisa, look at this old guy.

So, I've had lots of Aggressive and Defensive driving courses, etc. because of my previous life in law, so I take full advantage...I cut him off. Properly, mind you. I win. He understands he met his match and backs off. Or more likely, his sobriety was kicking in. So we get to our fundraiser on time and all is well.

Or so we think...

After the fundraiser, we are one our way home, stop and get some gas and get back on the road. What happens? Yes, I get behind another "boat", a Caprice, with an old guy driving (not on the interstate). At least it's not the same guy. I don't think the minivan could handle drag racing twice in one night...I gotta get a vette. Anyway, this guys turns on his blinker and I say "Whew, at least he's driving properly and getting off the road." We are approaching a right turn lane and I figure he's going to get in it. He doesn't. I tell Lisa, "What is wrong with all these people driving? I mean, I feel like I'm in Florida or something." Tuna joke...Maybe I'll explain that later...This guy drives all the way beside the right lane and turns sharply right, off the road. "Did he not see the turn lane? What an idiot!" Keep in mind, I'm not mad...just concerned these people will kill someone attempting to drive.

These guys have given me a mission. When my friend is elected, I am going to ask him to sponsor a bill that requires mandatory driver's testing after the age of 65. A national law. I know some states do similar things already...but ours is not one of them. It is a national concern anyway.

OK - I'm done. Yes, I do feel a little better. I could have even posted this for tomorrow too. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

1twofer3 - lunches today are the theme (yeah it rhymes)

ok - for today's twofer...

1 - You haven't lived until you have enjoyed a happy meal with your kids at mcdonald's while wearing "Ariel the Little Mermaid" sunglasses. Even my mom joined in. Lisa was at a weekend conference so we all decided to go have a little fun for lunch. Enjoy the pics. (and yes, Lib makes the same silly face for most pics..hahaha)

2 - Speaking of lunch - I went to lunch yesterday with a couple of friends from work (Kim & Steffany). Well, this is for Steffany. Kim told her about my blog so I am making her famous. ;) hahahaha jk - But, if I ever get to intorduce any of you to Steffany (who is pretty cool, btw) you HAVE to ask her to tell some of her "dating" stories. Seriously, my stomach was hurting yesterday after laughing so hard at one in particular. But I won't share it here. I'll leave that up to her. heh

3 - Yes, a third thing for two for tuesday. No it is not related to lunch. Heh. Just thought I'd share that we won a softball tournament last night. Pretty cool. gotta give "props" to my teammates. Man, we're a good team, if I do say so myself. hahahahahaha


Monday, October 02, 2006

keep this one in memory...

It is wise to remember that you are one of those who can be fooled some of the time.
-Laurence J. Peter

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The race

Your engine revs, 5000 rpm
Waiting for the green light, some will call it a sin.
Tonight is the night, time to take it all the way
No more messing around, you’ve decided to go all the way..

The light turns green and the flag falls away
Tires screeching
Smoke billowing
Time to come out and play.

Heart beating faster and palms are getting sweaty
Hard to grip
Don’t want to slip
Thoughts racing through your head.
What were all the things you said?

Coming soon, you’re going faster, the finish line awaits
Just a little longer, your control is your fate
Crossing the line, now that you’re done
Was it worth it? Did you have your fun?

Smoke begins flowing out of your radiator
Will you still think it was worth it
When you look back nine months later?