Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i'm baaaacckkkk....

ok -now that I'm back from being deathly ill, i felt the need to post. Since, I'm a huge B-RAD G fan (hahahahaha) I thought I'd share this vid with ya...enjoi.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


It's snowing, i have 8 parking tickets on my desk and I am sick. In the morning is a photoshoot we're in for a new state advertising campaign (our other modeling was an apparent hit) and it's going to be outside in the cold...oh joy. Models really do have it rough. heh.

Monday, January 22, 2007

What the Hey?!?!?!

I've used this phrase a couple of times recently in lieu of other choice words and am getting annoyed with it. I don't even understand what it means. So, I decided to look up the phrase and see what it's origins and meanings were and how it came to be...

“What the Hey” - Originally “What the Hay” - (read all the way through...very interesting)

Traced back to the Celtic farmers before Christ was born, “what the hey” was originally know as “what the Hay”. Hay was an important crop to the Celtic farmers and was regarded as one of their most precious resources. It served many uses from feeding their livestock to even being used as ingredients in their prepared food for themselves, to being used as thatch mixture for their dwellings. Celtic farmers would even go so far as to booby-trap their land and dwellings to protect this precious commodity. Disputes over hay were even said to be one of the causes of the first invasions of Rome, by the Celts around 400BC.

Celtic farmers and warriors would often barter and trade using hay instead of other materials, like weaponry, rocks or jewels. This became common practice in their way of life and depending on how rainy of a season they had, the hay would be various lengths due to growth. The longer the hay shoots, the more valuable the pieces were. The Celtic men would often ask each other about the length of their hay shoots to determine how much would be traded on any given day.

After the initial invasion of Rome, the Celtic and Roman cultures began to intermingle as well as their languages. Due to certain barriers of speech, the initial questioning of the length of someone's hay became shorter so that the Roman population could be involved in conversation. The Romans used many Celtic farmers and former warriors as hired help in their lands and were very accommodating to the Celtic lifestyle. In order to placate much of what was being spoken, the Roman's learned to ask about the length of hay. They would ask, “VVHAUT LEINGT HEI”, which came across to the Celts as simply “what's the hay”.

After several centuries, hay became less of a commodity and whey became the prevalent grain type. Farmers from several cultures would still ask “what the hey” only now, they referred to whey. This became such common practice in the mid 16th & 17th centuries, that people would simply stop and say “hey” to the barley merchants as they passed by to know how much their whey stock was worth.

Eventually the word “hey” became to be used as a personable greeting in simply passing one another by on the street and is still used today.

Wow...crazy, huh? Yes, I made every bit of that up. ;) hahahahaha Not bad for a 15 minute break, eh?

Friday, January 19, 2007

timoteo...the evil genius.

OK, so my timoteo is coming out. I got that nickname in Peru (actually it's not a nickname, but my real name...hahahaha - well my real name to the spanish speaking folks). There used to be a TV show down there that had a guy named timoteo in it that was a bad guy. There was also a cartoon that had a timoteo in it that was a goofy big thing (can't remember...some kind of animal maybe?). Anyway, I know I got the nickname from the cartoon, but I'm going to pretend for purposes of this blog, it was the cool, bad guy on the other show. ;)

Parking tickets. Yes, back on that subject. I got another one yesterday. Yep, sure enough. I still haven't met my quota yet, but it is only the 19th. I kept thinking to myself how to make it the absolute hardest on the city to get payment for these tickets. Marcus Arelius and I were chatting this morning about it and the plan has been decided. I will go on the due date, plead all tickets not guilty (extra paperwork) and then proceed to pay them in coinage. All change. Pennies in fact. $40-$50 worth. And, here's the kicker...I'm going to mix in Canadian coins...MUHOOWAHAHAHAHAAHAH. What's so funny is that we all know canadian money isn't worth as much as American money, so I'll actually be getting a discount on the tickets, thereby saving me more money for my super duper plan of world domination!


Sorry, I got a bit carried away. Scratch that last sentence. Ummmm, there are no plans for world domination.

Anyway, I feel it is a good plan. Will let you know in Feb how it turns out. ;)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

rollin', rollin', rollin'...

YeeHAW! I've been trying to think of some things to do to my Jeep to make it a little cooler, and recently (this morning) added some coolness to the vehicle. I needed to get new tires, so I went shopping for some areound to all the tire places. The quotes were between $500-$600 for plain tires for my jeep. Not off roadies or anything like that. One day I was at the Wal-Mart and said to myself, "self, what they hay...see how much tires are here." So I did. Well, to my delight, Goodyear Wranglers were only going to be $250 installed. WOW! So, an obvious no-brainer since they were twice that everywhere else! Since, I was planning on spending about $500 anyway, I decided to go ahead and see how much new wheels would cost. About $300. Yep. So I bought new wheels too (black instead of the old silver ones)! And now my jeep is starting to look even cooler than it already did. ;) Here's my pic...enjoy! Let me know what you think.

PS - Yes, I know I need to get the blue off...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

banged up, bruised, but not buried...yet

ouch. I decided to get out my little MX bike yesterday and play around in the yard and in the construction zone of the new house. Ever since demolishing my 12' jump I had in the yard that I'd hit with my racing bike, I've missed just being able to ride in the yard without having to go to a track. Well, yesterday was pretty nice and I hadn't started my little bike all winter and decided to get it out and ride.

I started off just riding up and down the road and around the yard and started having a blast! I then looked around and decided I could build some jumps and just see what I could do. I decided to start with this little rock pile, gravel really, that was piled in a mound and just go through it to see what happened. No, of course I wasn't wearing any pads or a helmet... :( Well, I hit the rocks and jumped! "WOW! OK, this could be cool", I think to myself. So I start jumping off of it seeing how high I can get etc. My son is watching (it's technically his bike) going "cool...good jump", etc. So I try going off the top of the pile...and lo and behold, that's when the rocks decide to fall out from underneath...although it didn't change the fact that I did get a pretty good air. I didn't however, get a pretty good landing.

I fly through the air, do the best I can with what I've got, and crash so hard...scraped up my back, messed up my left shoulder (still can't really move it) and threw my head into the ground. Now I know why I should always wear a helmet...hahahahaha.

After a few dazed seconds that feel like a year, I get up and clean off the bike and look around to make sure I'm not dead, and Luke yells out, "Dad, that was awesome. You almost landed a superman on my bike!!! That was awesome I can't believe you tried that!"

That's right, son...that's right. I almost landed a superman...

hahahahahahahahaha - I wish.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

it's the new style...

4 and 3 and 2 and 1...when I'm on the type, the suckers run...I got more words than the dictionary, watch out son it's about to get hairy...I got a new look for my b-l-o-g, I hope you like it, if not, well sue me...

well then. now since that is all out of my system, I got a bit tired of the old look (even though my fav color is green), and decided to revamp it. So, I hope you don;t mind looking at it. Let me know what you think.


[no i don't know what that is either...]

Friday, January 12, 2007

parking strategy

So, in our new building we are in 'downtown'. All the parking downtown town is free 2 hour only on the streets (right in front of our building and elsewhere), or you can park in the parking garage, a block or two away, or you can opt for the $30 a month parking space behind our building. Now most people would think it's a no-brainer to do the $30 a month for a space, right? Well, not me. I have decided (and have talked everyone in our office into this same philosophy) to beat the system. I mean really, do you think their are police that go up and down the street where we live looking to write a 2 hour violation parking ticket? No, me neither. Here's the deal...

I find out parking tickets are $10 a fine. So, I say to myself, "I'd have to get a minimum of 3 tickets a month parking on the side of the road in front of my office to pay for a space behind my office. I would have to get 4 tickets/fines a month for a couple of months in a row, to justify buying a space. No I'm not walking 2 blocks unless I have to. It is winter." Well, to me this is just brilliant. So I tell everyone else about this grand scheme of convenience vs. non-convenience and everyone agrees. So we have all been doing this the past month and a half with no fines...

Until yesterday. Yesterday I got a ticket. Marcus got a ticket. A couple of other people here got tickets. So, they racked up yesterday in fines...Only thing is...our new girl didn't get a ticket, and she was in front of me and I even left and came back and parked yesterday while her vehicle was there the whole time. So, I'm thinking of filing a discriminatory suite against the parking people. All of us guys got tickets and the girl didn't. Hmmmm....

Needless to say, everyone is whining and moaning about having to pay $10 (which they don't even have to, I mean our business is paying most of them - well, at least mine and Marcus'...heh). I have to remind them that they could be paying $30 instead, blah blah blah.

Where is the humor in all of this? I'll tell you. But you have to keep it a secret... I told our new girl that if she went out and made parking tickets that looked real and put them on people's cars and use a PO BOX, they would mail them in and she could make a lot of money really fast. Well, she took me up on it and I think she has about $450 or so coming to her. Pretty clever I must say...

[the above is a fictional account of what really happened yesterday...yes i got a ticket, but everything else is made up....heh]

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


well, since I waxed a little yesterday with the football post, I figured I'd switch and make today my 2fer day. I didn't think any of you would mind. So, here goes:

1 - We have a new employee starting today which we are excited about. Hopefully she will do a great job and add a lot to the company. What's funny is that is has been a while since I've actually had to manage just one person, but I think we have enough to do around here to keep her going. Cross your fingers for us. ;)

2 - Read, read, read. I am not even in school and have to read 2 books this week for things I am doing in the evenings. I enjoy reading for fun...not sure yet if this will be fun or not. I know they will be good for me - one is a Dave Ramsey book on money ;) and the other is the Purpose Driven Life. Maybe by combining and applying the two all stress in my life will suddenly disappear. Not! (ohhhh...nice throwback phrase...)


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

To The Ohio State Football fans...

Welcome to the SEC. ;) Last night demonstrated, what is known in the south, as an ass-whoopin. I'm not even a Florida fan, but I was rooting for them, because I knew Ohio State was WAY over-rated. They practically played high school football teams (with the exception of Michigan) all year and had this awesome record to be #1. Well, last night demonstrated why the SEC conference is the toughest in college football. Actually, probably half or more teams from the SEC would've beaten Ohio State. And, it would have saved Ohio State a LOT of embarrassment if there was a playoff system...they would have been eliminated early on and a real football game could've been played instead. Don't get me wrong, even thought I'm not a Florida fan (I'm actually a TN fan) I was so happy to see them win. Everyone told me I was crazy thinking they would win, but hey...I'd put any SEC team up against any other conference team any day to watch the carnage.

It amazes me how much commentators on ESPN, ABC, Fox, etc...never give the SEC any credit. They were actually surprised last night at how well Florida played...I mean do any of these guys ever watch football? If you had seen any games Florida played, you'd know they're fast, strong and can play ball (like all SEC teams). Insane....although it was funny watching Emmit Smith do the chop...I chuckled.

Oh well, maybe next year for the championship, there will be two comparable teams to make the game more interesting...which ultimately means there probably won't be an SEC team (since it's like pitting a NFL team against a HS football team, as we saw last night).


Monday, January 08, 2007

ahhhhh, starbucks...

well, today there was yet another awe inspiring quote on a coffee cup from starbucks...i love these things...

The Way I See It #186

The world is smaller than you think, and the people on it are more beautiful than you think.
-- Bertram van Munster
Emmy® Award–winning executive producer/director.


Friday, January 05, 2007

yes, i'm weird...

For today, funny friday, i thought i would do something that's funny - so this is what I came up with...enjoy. ;)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

it's not even 9 yet

and i've already configured 3 sql databases (not really), scraped ice off of my jeep (not really) and helped a little old lady across the street (not really)...

actually, I am working on 3 sql db's, just let my jeep warm up and defrost, and the lady wasn't too old that I pushed her van up a hill about 100 yards through an intersection in my jeep. Have I said lately how much I love my Jeep? I mean it is 12 years old, but still rules!!

Well, let's see what's in store for the 9a hour...


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

my 2fer

OK - so happy new year's!!!! I've been slacking but for good reason. I've been stupid busy...

anyway - here's my 2fer...

1 - The Wii still rules...esp Zelda...hahahahah
2 - my suzuki motocross bike will fit inside of a minivan with all the seats out and a bunch of pushing and tugging....hahahahahahaha (yes - it was cool. yes, it was a rental van. yes, i got hurt mxing in va on sunday - left elbow...still hard to move...hahahaha).

ok - out