Thursday, February 07, 2008

i bet this report about barnacle penises makes your day...

so reading through foxnews, i come across a story on the main page...about barnacles. And their penises.

This, on a day that Mitt Romney bows out of the Presidential race, Hillary & Obama each raise $3M in 24 hours, a crazy man shoots his wife at school in front of everyone then goes home and kills himself, a boy found in a field from a tornado & a girl who was shot trying to help her mom leaves the hospital and is ok.

Seriously, why would barnacle penises make the main headlines. I mean, why wouldn't they also put on the main page something goofy like "Tom Jones insures his chest hairs."

Oh wait...they no less.

Monday, February 04, 2008

chuck and huck

well today was fun...some of us from the office went and saw mike huckabee and chuck norris...!!! check out the pics and vote for huck!!! see more pics on my facebook...